Friday, January 22, 2016

The Importance of Silence In Music

The importance of silence in music is phenomenal.

The importance of music and importance of silence in music are equal contributors.

Every music that you listen has a lot of pieces of silence in it.

Music means rhythm. Any music plays on notes. Music is the game of resonance. Music is the game of frequency, vibration and sound. But there is another very important element in it. It is silence. The importance of silence in music can be felt when you take silence out of it. Any piece of music has elements of silence in it. If there had been no silence in between a song or a piece of music, it would not have been possible for it to reach to enormous heights.

The Importance of Silence In Music

There is no life without music. Everyone loves music. The form and type of music vary. Music travels to your heart without a license. The moment it touches your ears, it starts creating its impact. If it is too loud and fast that does not match your liking and style, probably you will look for an alternative. But at the same instant, there could be a person who likes the same music you hate. For him, it matches well with his style and liking. So the liking varies. The same music can be a linking factor for one, but an unlinking factor for somebody else.

It is said that the silence plays a vital role in music. It is the silence that connects you with music. During those silent moments, you get a chance to actually absorb the music. Silence is probably the absorbing factor. At times, it becomes a psychological game for a music composer to decide on the duration of silence in his music. A small variation in silence can make a big difference. A hit piece of music can become super-hit, or it can happen vice versa.

It takes a lot of practice for music composers to understand the importance of silence in music. Have you ever noticed that when you listen to music, you also listen to the silence? If you have not, try it next time you listen to music. Notice what happens during the moments when there is no music but still you feel entertained and engrossed into it. And during those moments when there is no music, still something is flowing to your ears. During those moments, you can feel something is happening. So for that sake, it means that the silent notes exist. What it also means is that these silent notes during the music notes are as powerful and impactful as latter. The best part of the game is that all the credit goes to instrument players. Has anyone thought of giving some credits to the music composer for the silence in the music? So logically, the credit must also go to the instrument players for the moments they stop playing in between. That is what in fact creates the real beauty of music.

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