Friday, January 22, 2016

The Impact Of The Automobile

The impact of the automobile on environment plays a vital role.

The impact of the automobile on economy depends on many factors.

The impact of the automobile on people, life, city, nation and world.

It is important to understand your car before you purchase it. You need to understand the impact of the automobile on you and your surroundings. You must learn among so many variants available in the market, which is suited best for you. If you really care for your society, environment and nature, it is important to understand quite a few things. Before you purchase you must see the scorecard of the car you intend to buy. Is it environment-friendly or just a mean of luxury to you?

The Impact Of The Automobile
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Never expect your car to be a toy for you. A car definitely gives you a liberty to travel as per your requirement and wish. It provides you with a freedom. Henry Ford did a remarkable thing in this regard. He reduced the prices of cars in North America and Europe to a level that the middle class could easily afford it. He also increased salaries of his workers so that they could afford to buy a car they were manufacturing. This brought a double sword revolution on a global front. It imprinted a set of unwritten guidelines for all automobile manufacturers.

Before cars were made affordable for masses, most of the people preferred to live near railway stations. Rail used to be the most popular means of travel. Automobile brought a revolution. It changed their thought process. People started thinking of living elsewhere other than near a railway station. Roads requirements started emerging. As people started living anywhere in the urban areas, next preference emerged as to live near a road. Initially, there used to be no taxes for fuel. Gradually a trend started where governments started fuel taxes. These taxes were utilized to build and maintain roads. 

Automobiles started getting popular and within reach of middle class. It started impacting the economy. There was a direct connect between the economy of a country, automobile sales and employment status in the country. An increase in employment gives a positive thrust to the automobile sales. This, in turn, increased employment avenues in the automobile industry. Henry Ford is remembered to bring a great revolution in this regard. He is said to free people from geographic limitations. The automobile became a strong factor in creating mobility on a mass scale. 

The automobile industry brought many changes in the lifestyle of people. It impacted on their social and living styles. Owning a car means an increase in your horizons and travel limits. Automobile industry also has helped in shrinking gap between rural and urban communities. Technology and competition are good as it always benefits the end customer or buyer. Advancement in technology and tough competition in the market plays a vital role. It always goes in favor of the consumer.

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