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Dasvidaniya 2015 #Lessonslearntin2015 #TalesOf2015

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Dasvidaniya 2015.

Dasvidaniya 2015.
May you live long in the hearts,
May you stay alive even if gone,
Let me jot down the best
of you,
Let me recollect the
long lasting lessons,
I learnt during
my 365 days
living inside you.

I lived inside you
for 365 days.
In return
you are going to live
inside me
for my all years to come.
This is my first #Lessonslearntin2015.

52 cards in a standard deck
of playing cards.
52 weeks in a year,
If I treat each week as a year,
I completed 52 in 2015.
52 is an untouchable number.
52 is a noncototient.
52 is the 6th Bell number.
52 is the atomic number of tellurium,
52 is the Saros number of the solar eclipse.
I have become the white key on Piano.
This is my second #Lessonslearntin2015.

27 years of journey
of 9 to 6 ended.
A new beginning,
with a lot of new
Now work is not a constraint
of time.
Now time is not a  contraint
of work.
Instead of reporting to
anybody else,
I have started reporting
to myself.
The third #Lessonslearntin2015
came this way.

Passion for books
Books have always
given more to me
than the time I spent
with them.
Books give long lasting
in mind and on heart.
My fourth #Lessonslearntin2015.

I started exploring
in different ways.
I have discovered
There is always a lot
hidden inside
that one is not able
to explore
during lifetime.
This is my fifth #Lessonslearntin2015.
This is my list of
lessons learnt in 2015.
I am sure
everyone had
a good learning.
Learning is
the most important
factor of life.
Learning is
a never ending
process. Learning
never goes waste.
grows your

My hopes and asiprations
remain the same
as in previous years.
I hope to become
a little better,
a little more to the society.
I aspire never to become best
Because when you become best
you are left with no further
You become standstill,
with no path left further.

There is a little trepidation
Another year is gone
swiftly converting
every moment of
present to past,
bringing future
nearer and nearer.
Another set of memories
A feeling of
some great moments
snatched away.

Resolutions are
good to make
but it is unfair
to kill
an unborn child
it is unfair to
resolutions made.

There is a lot learnt,
and left behind.
That is a lot
in store
End of one year
is the beginning
of another.

I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.

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