Tuesday, December 29, 2015

#lostpassion Have I Lost My Passion For Life?

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Have I lost my passion for life?

It is said that age has nothing to do with young or old. I find it correct. You are young or old not by age but by your passion for life. You are young as long as you are able to recreate yourself on your own. When you don't require any substitutes. If you are able to recreate yourself you are able to be happy. Then you don't need to look around for a dose of happiness. It comes from within, automatically, unstoppably, and instantly. There are many instances to share, I think in everyone's life.

When you took my hand
in your hand
I let it go switftly
without thinking twice
it came instantly
from within
The touch itself spoke of
We sat for a few minutes
hand in hand
just a general talk
and then we split.
You on your ladder
climbing up and up,
I on my path.
We never met again...
Those few minutes
have become an everlasting
memory in our heart
as fresh as it was
No guilt, no penitance.
That moment was on top of everything
at that moment.

When I dropped my shoe
on the way
sitting on the bicycle
You never got angry knowing this
reaching home,
not even a single word of untrust.
Just reminded me to be careful
for new sandals and shoes.
I was on top of everything else
for you
at that moment.

Many moments like this
are preserved in my heart
and in the hearts of those
with whom those precious
moments were spent.
Howsoever small, those moments
are bigger than life size.

Long time back
it stopped happening.
I lost the meaning
and value
of those moments.
No new such kind of moments
are created now.
Or even if there are,
they are evolving not at that

Am I losing my passion for life - #lostmypassion

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