Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Who Controls Sexual Harassment Guidelines In Delhi Universities?

Framed sexual harassment guidelines have been highlighted in Delhi Universities. There is supposed to be a fully functional and rigorously monitored Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) in each university and educational institute in Delhi. The reality is that either they are not in place and even if they are on papers, they are not fully functional as per the norms prescribed.

Guidelines related to sexual harassment in these universities and educational institutes seems to have no meaning. It seems to have been set just for formality sake in order to make a mockery of the system. All sexual harassment related cases are to be handled by each of this relevant ICC. Delhi University itself is a big slap on the system that does not seem to adhere to it. On top of it there is something called DCW - Delhi Commission for Women who it seems have woken after a long sleep when they demanded previous few years data from all the universities and educational institutes of Delhi.

That is when it came into limelight about the irregularities and abnormal norms set and followed as per the comfort of the individual university or educational institute rather than adhering to the proper guidelines. Who to blame in this case? 

Read further: http://www.kenfolios.com/framed-sexual-harassment-guidelines-found-delhi-universities/

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