Wednesday, December 02, 2015

US First Organic Brewery Celebrating 20th Anniversary

First Organic Brewery of U.S. Celebrates 20th Birthday

Reproduced from my post on HubPages:
Eel River Brewing Company started 2 decades back in the U.S. as the first organic brewery. It will be celebrating its 20th birthday on Dec. 5. The theme of the celebration party will be '90s throwback. When Ted Vivaston and his wife Margaret Frigon, who is the co-owner in this venture, started it 20 years back they had no concrete idea about where they would be landing. The '90s throwback party will have all the original menu items and these items would be available at their original prices. That is really a wonderful event to happen.

The party is scheduled for Dec. 5 at the Eel River Brewing Company. The events will start at 11 am. The venue is Taproom and Grill, 1777 Alamar Way Fortuna, CA. They have another location as Brewing Facility & Warehouse, 600 K Bridge St., Scotia, CA. While the former is the kitchen, the latter is the physical brewery location. The taste tours that happen at their kitchen are free. The tagline of Eel River Brewing Company is fabulous:
All the preparations of Eel River Brewing Company (or ERB) are organically certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).

A new logo is to be introduced during this party along with a dance party in the evening with the '90s theme. Customers will be free to take their pint glasses sparkling with the new logo to their homes. There will be a drastic interior changeover as all the old logos need to be replaced with the new logo. Vivaston is taking it as a birthday party for the whole community that supported them in last 20 years. He is treating it as a birthday celebration for the whole county.

If you look at the customer base that ERB has acquired they are as far as New Zealand, Denmark, Australia and Mexico. This acquisition it strongly vetting the popularity and quality of the organic stuff that is produced here. The company is centrally located in California on the western coastal line. ERB is the first organically crafted brewery that is exported to Mexico for last many years. There is substantial growth every year in terms of customers, business, popularity and demand.
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