Thursday, December 10, 2015

#ResponsibleTourism Who Owns The Responsibility

There is a big cry all over, so is the furor. The problem is much bigger. It is global, It is to stop something happening against nature. The cry is more than the actual actions. And even whatsoever actions are happening are happening in a very disorganized and scattered manner. The harm that is happening to nature is in much more intensity than the actions. Probably there is a higher competition between crying/ making noise and the harm to nature. The actual competition should be between the actions to avert those harmful activities and the harm to nature. Only then the situation can be brought to a sustainable level once the actions go louder than the cry and the harmful activities.

We have not learnt to own responsibility. Everyone thinks it is the cake is for me and the spill needs to be cleaned by someone else. Why we disown the harm and the cause. We are the causative factors. We are going against nature. When we travel we care damn about our actions and deeds, or rather the wrong actions and misdeed that we do. Once each person owns its responsibility and stops causing the harmful activities, probably the harm itself will start decreasing. Even if it happens inch by inch, person by person, it will become impactful in a short period.

In the name of exploration of nature during our travel, we try to explore forests which create disturbance around the habitats of the forests. We love boating in the rivers, but we don't care about eating, during our enjoying trips, and throwing garbage, leftovers and waste in the rivers. The same we do on the seashores. We love camping in the jungles and enjoying during the dark hours with loud music and bonfires. All this disturbs the ecosystem and nature in a big way, that we never realize. The waste, plastics, noise, bonfire, all impact nature in a big way to the farthest of the spectrum.

Who is responsible for all this chaos if not me. When I am travelling why should I look for the guidelines from my tour operator or someone else. Why can't I set my own rules? Why can't I set an example for others? Why can't I stop looking for others to initiate? Why can't I become the CHANGE FACTOR? Why can't I spread a strong signal that I love NATURE more than anyone else on this earth? If I am able to do this, I can kindle 100 more candles just with the help of my small actions that demonstrate a big urge inside me.

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