Saturday, December 05, 2015

#promotion From Early Civilizations To Civilized World

The 495 pages of Writ in Water by Nina Selbst is a story of relationship but of a very different kind. The story is about the relationship between water and humanity. The relationship of diversity, the relationship of interactions and the variety in it is the core point. The relationship of humanity with water is not new. It is there in existence since beginning, since the inception of humanity on earth.

So many poets, writers, and historians have used water as a point of reference for various purposes. Water is life. In fact if there had been no water, there would have been no life ever. Water is probably the prime most necessity for a human body and life as well. Nina Selbst has written Writ in Water so well that you will get immersed in the flow as you move chapter by chapter. The title of the book is inspired by the writing of great poet John Keats. During his last months of life, he wrote poetry titled – “My Life is Write in Water”. Although water is odorless, tasteless and colorless but it brings a lot of taste and color in life.

The story begins with the Myths about water. It talks about the myths about Mediterranean Basin and its connection with Babylon, Egypt, Greek, and Israel. Then it talks about Water related myths in Asia and sources of Asian Cosmogony and Cosmology. The book further explains how tribal life developed to the civilized world especially in Africa and North America. The book Writ in Water by Nina Selbst clearly requests the power of water when it acted as a catalyst on the road to civilization. There is also a chapter on 'glance at early civilizations' like Mesopotamia, The Indus Valley, and China. That is just the beginning, there are a lot more interesting and diversified chapters that are bound to give you ample insights regarding water. 

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