Saturday, November 21, 2015

#TEchnocrats Importance Of Smartphone For A Youth

He is quite a funny chap. Son of a businessman. No financial crunch. No family pressures. Life is too cool for him. Nobody in the family is bothered about his studies and career. He does whatever he wants. Whatever money is required, his rich Dad is there. He has a super rich Dad and that makes him super rich automatically. His father is his currency machine for him that is operative 24x7. This is Surya, a good for nothing 10th-grade dropout. But Surya is quite tech savvy as far as his choice of gadgets and activities are concerned. Surya knows if he uses technology intelligently and slightly cunningly, it is going to keep financial feed to his interests alive throughout.The life for Surya is not that ugly as long as he has his smartphone, 4G connection, and Dad is alive.

He is quite a serious guy. Son of a farmer. He is studying in B.Tech. in a prestigious institute in a metro city. He has reached here with a lot of hardship and disruptions. His father is always aspired and inspired to see him a successful person in his life. As a farmer, his father has faced many ups and downs of life that impacted the whole family in a big way. But both his parents never gave up in doing their best for him. Despite all hiccups and hurdles, he got full support from his parents. He is working part time in a pastry shop. He is able to run his own expenses on his own. That itself is a good support for his family. Till last year, his father had to send a good amount of money every month to bear his expenses for studies, books, college expenses etc. But now he is in a better condition. He understands the value of technology in life. He knows if the technology is used wisely, he can do a lot of good things for himself, his family and for the society he lives in. This is Chandra, a brilliant son of a hardworking father to make his family's dreams true.

Surya's latest smartphone is Octacore with 4G activated. Besides this, he already has 3 other smart smartphones. He has all those apps installed on his smartphone that are required to impress his friends. He heavily uses location, check-ins, video streaming, downloads, Facebook, etc.

Chandra knows that to use the technology he does not require a costly smartphone. He is happy with his 2 years old Android that is smart enough to transfer online money from his account to his father's account, to auto pay his family mobile bills, to top up his younger sister's prepaid mobile.

Technology is doing its bit to fullest for both - Surya and Chandra to make their life smooth.

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