Sunday, November 22, 2015

#empoweredathlete An Autobiography About Self Discovery, Leadership And Empowerment

Confidence The Accidental Athlete: How Running Changed My Life by Stephanie Atwood is all about self-discovery, emergence, challenges, leadership, growing and getting empowered. It is said that if your goals are clearly visible to you and you put your hundred percent in achieving those, there are certain invisible powers that come and join you in that. It is also said that it takes a lot of time to discover yourself. And if you are able to do it at an early stage, you have better chances of achieving new landmarks as compared to others. Many a times, many people are not able to know completely about themselves and hence are not able to move in that direction.

Eleven chapters of Confidence The Accidental Athlete: How Running Changed My Life by Stephanie Atwood are full of energy, motivation, and a fight to give your best. This is an autobiography of Stephanie Atwood. Stephanie is a multifaceted personality who has excelled in multiple arenas. She is an award-winning speaker, best-selling author, runner, certified coach, and wellness expert. The foreword is by Lauren Ganes who has been coached by Atwood and is a national run coach, competitive runner of Go WOW team. The foreword is quite inspiring and says a lot in itself. It clearly reflects that if you meet an expert who becomes your motivator and coach, nothing can stop you to achieve new heights in life.

The story of Confidence The Accidental Athlete: How Running Changed My Life by Stephanie Atwood begins with how her explaining how she became an accidental athlete. It is a book of discovery, about discovering yourself. Her motive stays in becoming an inspirational model for other women, to make them discover the hidden talent in them and excel in life. And as per Atwood this discovery can happen at any stage of life. That is how she started her mentoring and coaching drive Go WOW. The story also explains how to transform yourself from an athlete to an empowered athlete. For sure, this transformation cannot happen on its own. There needs to be a driving force behind it, be in a shape of self-determination that emerges from within or an external one. The book is, in fact, an enabler for its readers to reach to a stage of self-discovery and beyond.

The autobiography of Stephanie Atwood titled Confidence The Accidental Athlete: How Running Changed My Life has 33 reviews on Amazon and the overall rating of five out of five says it all about its excellence. Overall this is a must read for all to emerge as a winner at any stage of life.

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