Friday, November 06, 2015

#Champincity LG Nexus 5X Made Me a Real Hero In No Time

Champincity for me has been a breathtaking event throughout. #LGNexus5X has in fact transformed me into a professional photographer. Now I strongly feel that a great camera can make you a big hit in a short time provided you have an instinct of using it intelligently. Its 13-megapixel rear camera is miraculous. I am sure it is far beyond than a normal 13 mp camera of any other smartphone because of some important technological innovations imbibed in the device.

For the period I was in possession of this camera LG Nexus 5X,  I literally forgot to use my new smartphone that I had bought just a couple of months back. Four phenomenal features that I personally experienced and admired are worth mentioning here:

Feature 1 & 2: Cameras and OIS:

Cameras: Rear camera is 13 mp as mentioned above but it is extraordinarily great performing in any light conditions. I tried shots in low light, against sunlight, in motion and full zoom in; besides normal conditions. It is worthwhile to mention that in all these cases I got sharp, focused, bright and lively images. And nowhere had I to apply any extra efforts or techniques. I just had to zoom in as per my requirements and tap for focus, and then just click. The same goes true for the videos I took. 

Front camera of Nexus 5X is 5mp. The selfies that I shot are fabulous, unbeatable and second to none. There is no question of comparison.

Since I post a lot of images and videos on Instagram, my count of followers had just doubled in last 10 days. This all happened because of all these pics and videos posted were taken using LG Nexus 5X. In a short period, this lightweight smartest smartphone has become an integral part of my life. I feel, I have fallen in love with it. For the first time a smartphone has stolen my heart, in all respects. Love and respect, both have gradually evolved for this wonderful device.

It's OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) feature that is in-built provides an extra edge to your imaging capabilities. You get perfect images and videos even in motion and shaky conditions. That means even if your hand moves while taking a pic or video, the smart sensor adjust it in milliseconds to keep your pic or video intact, sharp and focused. Nobody will be able to make out later if the same image of video was taken not under normal conditions.

Feature 3: Fingerprint:
The fingerprint security feature serves two functions. One, it provides complete security to your device. Two, you can quickly unlock it while taking it out from your pocket. For placing your scanned finger at the back, just below the lens of it's camera, you don't need to look at it. This became very helpful for me when I had to take a lot of instant pics and videos where I had no time to lose to capture that instance. I am sure if this feature was not there I would have lost many superb captures like movement of a squirrel, flying birds in the sky, a decorated worship place while driving and many more. Because in that condition i had to take my camera out, press it's on button, enter pin or swipe pattern to unlock it; and all this would definitely take more time. I have been really lucky to get a chance for Champincity.

Feature 4: Charging:
It charges at the speed of a bullet train. My own device that I bought a couple of months back takes almost three hours for a full charge whereas LG Nexus 5X takes less than hour. For my device, I have kept it for charging for the whole night. But for this device I was confident that if I plug it for charging even in the morning, it will be fully charged by the time I get ready in an hour's time. This is because of its Rapid Charging feature as the device has USB Type C port.

Overall, Champincity has been a long lasting experience for me and I feel by heart that LG Nexus 5X is the one I had been waiting for. I think my long search of so many years is over. I am really craving for this device to become an inseparable part of my life. There is a surprise in store where I will show you my city’s as part of Champincity. LG Nexus 5X has a superb combination, features and performance and is a best buy if you love quality with no compromise. 

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