Saturday, November 28, 2015

Book Review Backbone By Lauri Mattenson: Dare To Refuel And Recharge

Backbone: A BodyMind Breakthrough by Lauri Mattenson is an exciting story. It is a memoir that is joyful, interesting, encouraging, introspective and thoroughly & appreciably penned. In a beautiful way, Lauri has been able to connect beautifully her readers with her inner realization of certain facts and findings. She has disclosed quite openly and honestly some of the touchy stories about her sister and her earlier relationships. These stories not only indicate how meaningful these are but also tell its readers about the hardship and struggles Lauri had to pass through.

Backbone: A BodyMind Breakthrough by Lauri Mattenson tells about Lauri’s challenging stream of learning Krav Maga. Krav Maga is among the toughest military training imparted in Israel. Lauri is a UCLA Writing Programs Lecturer. She decided to venture towards a new beginning to shred off her old habits. The new path was not too concrete and full of uncertainty but still she decided to move ahead to face all possible obstacles that would come in her way and bring out a new leader in her by overcoming all those hurdles successfully. The new journey was about a hard military training where you need to kick and punch in your combats against your enemies. The same way Lauri planned to kick and punch all her failures and emerge as a clear winner.

Backbone: A BodyMind Breakthrough by Lauri Mattenson is about a journey about changing your behavior and rigid mindset in a big way to gain more positive strength by means of refueling and recharging your brain, thoughts, heart, and spirit. It is about building yourself with a never dying attitude. The book is all about CHANGE, ADAPTABILITY, and PURSUANCE. It is about self-awareness, self-discipline, and a strong willpower.  It is about breaking your barriers and achieving new heights in life. It is about your own reassessment not by anybody else but you. It is about a total syncing of your body and mind.
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