Saturday, November 28, 2015

App Review: #yappa To Create More Personalized And Meaningful Social Connections

Yappa is a wonderful social networking app available on iTunes Apple Online store. Yappa Conversation is produced by Yappa World Inc. The app works well on all Apple smart devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod touch having iOS 8.0 or later. The size of the app is just around 30 MB. To download this social networking app on your Apple device, you have to be not less than 17. Since there are certain infrequent and mild sexual content and nudity that is part of this app, the age restriction is quite sensible.

Yappa is a unique way of expressing yourself among your friends on social networks. You can tell your story in multiple ways. You can use your voice along with pictures for creating your personalized conversation that goes interactive online with your social connections. The tagline – ‘See it, Say it, Share it!’ goes well with the app. This voice-to-pic app takes your conversations to a new and exciting level by means of connecting and sharing with your social network connections and friends. There are a great fun factor and a high level of creativity that makes this app quite lively, interesting and interactive.  The conversation built around your pics can do wonders for you.

There are many interesting features in Yappa. Your Yap allows you to explore other Yaps after logging into Yappa. You can create a new Yap with the help of photos available in your camera roll of by taking a new pic from your camera. You can record your Yap in your voice and share it on your social networks for others to hear. The interactive feature allows your friends to respond back on the Yaps created and shared by you. Try to share your Yaps with relevant hashtags so that others can find your Yap easily. You have two options while sharing your Yap. You can stay anonymous or post it publicly. The best part is the commenting where other Yappa users can participate in your Yaps and leave audio comments.

I really love this interesting way of telling my story using my voice with pictures to create more personalized and meaningful social connections. By using Yappa, I have been able to bring online conversations to life. 
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