Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Wonderland Effect by Robert Arrington: A Magical Story Full Of Action And Adventure #WonderlandEffect

The Wonderland Effect by Robert Arrington is a story about Alice Littleton and the powers of Wonderland that she is gifted with. But the time she decided to use these powers to help a kidnapped child, she herself gets into a big disaster. That is when she comes to know about Prometheus Academy, a new school of entirely a different concept. Alice finds herself totally fitting into this model of the school where empowerment to a student is a prime. One day, when the school gets under attack, Alice has to finally take a call of whether to stay here and fight against the attack or run away from the situation. On one hand, it is Alice who can save herself by running away from the situation, and on the other hand, she has to fight against the attack to save herself and her new but amazing friends.

The story of The Wonderland Effect by Robert Arrington is quite fast moving that keeps you engaged and connected all the way. At times, when the young Alice is in trouble, you find yourself along with her to get her out of the situation. The superpowers that Alice carries make her use the similar kind of powers that were there with Alice in Wonderland story.  While using her powers for a good deed, Alice tries to hide them all so as not to come into anybody’s notice. But despite all her good efforts, she does not succeed in this effort and attracts many attentions towards her. And out of those who notice her powers, some want her to persuade to use those powers for their own bad and selfish purposes.

The story of The Wonderland Effect by Robert is well sequenced and is full of action. The book is promisingly interesting for all those who like YA fantasy stories. There is a game of power against power, good against bad, and innocent against guilty. The characters are drawn well, the story is systematically woven and there is a good amount of depth in the plot that keeps your interest intact throughout. There are bundles of surprises at different instances of this entertaining story.  While enjoying the story, you will be able to correlate various characters of the story with that of Alice in Wonderland

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