Sunday, October 18, 2015

#RedefiningSuccess A Collection Of Real Life Inspirational Stories To Success For Women

Redefining Success – Real Women, Real Stories, Real Inspiration by Sarah Walton and Ally Nathaniel is a compilation of 13 stories all so well close redefining success based on the real stories of women leading from various streams of life. The stories are inspirational to inculcate a new zeal and life women searching for the meaning of SUCCESS in their life. Success has a different meaning for each individual. It can’t be same for every woman striving to be successful in her own sphere of life around her.  The book is bound to change the perspective of success. It makes you learn it in a different way as it has been taught. Money might be the singular goal for each storyteller, but each story tells how important are the factors like health, growth, and happiness in life along with carving your path towards becoming a successful woman.

The 13 women entrepreneurs whose success stories are imbibed in this fantastic book Redefining Success – Real Women, Real Stories, Real Inspiration by Sarah Walton and Ally Nathaniel are focused on the meaning of success for women as it differs from men. It talks about inspiring women to take bold steps in their individual lives for gaining personal success and financial independence without compromising with the happiness and health. Success always comes through the struggle. A real life experience brings in much more clarity about the adventure and joy that comes during your struggle towards success. The path might vary, but ultimate goal remains same. Each story tells how to manage your happiness, ensure to care about your partners & employees, keep learning from your mentors, and how to keep yourself away from the myths of outward success and internal happiness.

Passion, willpower, and determination is the key. None of the adventures in life are without risks and vulnerabilities. But it is important to come out of your fears and mitigate those risks and vulnerabilities. In doing so, you are prone to make mistakes as no path in life is foolproof. Mistakes give you a better learning and carve a better path towards your success by providing you a concrete vision towards your goals. Perfection never comes on its own. Ayelet (Ally) Nathaniel and Sarah Walton along with their own stories found another 11 inspirational women with their real life stories to be shared in this book Redefining Success – Real Women, Real Stories, Real Inspiration so as to provide real-life insights on the struggles and triumphs, sorrows, and joys, failures and successes.

When Ally Nathaniel created a folder named “Women’s inspiration” on her personal computer, she never knew what is it leading to but she was always hopeful that whatever is this new is happening in her life is going to bring a new meaning not only for her but for many others. At that time, she was passing through turbulent waters being new to the U.S., having a responsibility of her newborn daughter along with the other two under five, 100% dependent on her husband for her financial needs, and not having a work visa at that time.
Despite all this, she never gave up and thought of bringing in her earlier experience in use. And gradually she started building her nest pumping in all her efforts and energies. Same goes with the other stories. There is no shortcut to success. Staying focused without losing patience is important. Self-belief and hard work help you a lot.

Overall Redefining Success – Real Women, Real Stories, Real Inspiration by Sarah Walton and Ally Nathaniel is a must read for all women to get inspired. One thing to keep in mind is that there is no way that can make you rich overnight.

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