Monday, October 12, 2015

Corporate Social Responsibility: One-UBL Steps @Stepathlon CSR Initiative

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a great initiative being taken by large corporate in a big way and drawing out realistic results.

What a great corporate social responsibility initiative by UBL! Every corporal today needs to think about one or the other societal cause where it can lead in the domain. UBL proved on 9th October that even the money energy is the form of energy that can be generated by converting physical energy. 600 employees, 22 locations, one time one action, one motive of raising fund to promote primary education. All the employees of UBL working all across India from all locations decided to join the corporate social responsibility cause (CSR) "Step Out For a Cause". Corporal societal responsibleness is emerging globally in a big way.

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Step Out For a Cause has taken a responsibility of raising funds to promote Primary Education in India. The CSR walk has been organized in association with Stepathlon. These kinds of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are really well appreciative. Every step taken by each of the 600 employees across 22 locations will incur one rupee for the noble cause. All 22 locations will start the drive for this cause at the same time. Stepathlon Lifestyle Pvt Ltd has been part of this drive with the organizers so as to ensure the correct count of steps through their health devices.

Corporate Social Responsibility: One-UBL Steps @Stepathlon is definitely a good initiative for a good cause.

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