Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I Need Some Angel Transferkars To Help Me Break Disruptions #TATASkyTransfer

Do you use your mobile for your media entertainment? I do, but it is not my media. The media streaming is from someone else. For entertainment? , definitely yes. I do use quite data-intensive streaming programs on my mobile that are more of real-time in nature. My favorite entertainment programs do not include TV shows, sports etc. These are much beyond in that sense

But who said I am not a fan of the idiot box and sports. I do watch movies, sports, and reality programs. For that purpose, I use my tablet that I carry all the time with me. The major issue I face is that for each channel I had to download their respective application on my tab. That takes lot hell of space and creates a bit of confusion in managing them. On the other hand mostly I am not able to watch these programs in real time. These programs are mostly available as a repository, historical in nature. And that too usually belong to older dates. Moreover, streaming of these programs is not that great. It is not a smooth road. There are a  lot of disruptions like speed breakers on the way whichever road I take.

Another big issue is the priority of channels. Everyone at home has his or her own liking for the channel and program of their own choice. I don't have as many screens as the number of persons in the home. So mostly there is a fight at home and that is one of the rarest events at home in which everyone participates full-heartedly without any age restrictions. And every day usually the winner is same.

I am definitely looking for some angel Transferkars to help me in this regard and to do away with disruptions I face at times (or rather mostly)  to watch these programs. .

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