Thursday, July 09, 2015

Life Is No More A Compromise Courtesy @UCBrowserIndia #YuviSurfsUC

Life has never been that easy for me right since I grew a passion for cricket during my childhood. First it was the passion of playing street cricket along with my school and locality friends when every day we used to break the glass fixed in a house or a car, or for that sake hitting some old person coming from the opposite direction of the batsman. Once or twice the ball hit straight on the spectacles of one of our street uncle that not only broke his spectacles but wounded his nose also. Another instance that I remember is of a ball hitting straight on the head of an old lady who fell unconscious and there was howl & growl over the matter in the whole street that day. That day was the end of our adventure of playing cricket in the street.

Gradually in next couple of years, being a diehard fan of this game, I started following each and every cricket series happening around the globe and ensuring that I don’t miss the commentary being broadcasted on radio (those days there was no direct telecast on televisions). The technology was not so advanced those days and hence there used to be highlights of the matches only during the news time on televisions. Over a period of time, by the time, I reached my college days the technology also advanced along with my qualifications. The real-time transmission of selective matches started and with the same intensity my passion for watching matches on television progressed.

With mobility becoming a most happening phenomenon, the age of Smartphone started. It was not initially 1G, 2G, 3G kind of scenario. Data connection of phone used to be a costly affair. I didn’t mind spending this whopping amount on my Smartphone to satisfy my hunger for watching the matches on the move. But it didn’t work. None of the browsers was so sleek (in size) and fast to load and run the show as per my desire.  Firstly it used to be a big task to load a browser on Smartphone. And even if it gets loaded, it used to be a greater task to load the live scorecard running sites, leaving aside the desire of watching the match in live streaming. But every time I had to take an off (with a fake and genuine looking reason) from my office on a day when there is a cricket match telecasted on television, I used to dream of a day when I would see a new wave in technology when there is a strongly developed browser for mobile platform to cater to the needs of cricket enthusiasts like me.

Finally a browser is there that has ensured that wherever I am, in a static or dynamic mode, I am able to join the thrill of live streaming of a cricket match with interrupting my schedule or building scenarios to skip my work, postpone my family or friends get-togethers thereby annoying them. I also don’t need to do jugglery that I did during my childhood days by sacrificing my tuitions for the sake of a match happening somewhere in the world. Now my Smartphone has the world’s fastest and smartest browser that connects me with Cricket where I am, whatever I am doing; without my compromising any plans or schedules. 
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