Monday, June 08, 2015

ThoughtBuzz - Asia's Leading Social Media Management And Analytics Platform

Today is the era of analytics and collaborated data. Many times I used to think if I get a single dashboard showing my overall social media influence scores, individual and collective; and relevant analyticS. Logically this social media monitoring dashboard is bound to provide you a bundle of insights to help you in multi-dimensions. Definitely analytics is meaningful only if the data being churned and analyzed is of a longer period. Small data will never be able to help you get useful analytics. That can only be used for analysis or postmortem. There are certain platforms available online that help you in managing your social media footprints and provide you a meaningful analytics platform.

The power of a social media management and analytics tool lies in many features that it promises to provide. UI (user interface), ease of your registration and connecting your  social media accounts, speed, accuracy, versatile analytics, navigation and security of your data are some of the features that will help you in building trust in an online tool of such type. One important factor to note is the analytics and consideration of existing data in your social media accounts before you have created your account on a social media management and analytics platform.  It makes no sense that I register on such a platform today and it is not capable to aggregate my data till date from my connected social media accounts. For a useful analytics, in that case, I will have to wait for two to three months. That way social media management tools have to be strong and engaging in nature.

One such useful platform is Thoughtbuzz where you register, connect your social media accounts and you are ready to go. The platform promises and delivers a good amount of unique touch  points where you get to know some of the areas of your social media accounts, networks and followers/friends that you never had a chance to know about, so far. Such is the beauty of this platform that gives you very useful insights of your social media accounts. It is the first mobile-based social media management and analytics platform. It allows you to connect your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube accounts. I was able to connect all my accounts quite easily.

Don't forget to take tours offered to understand the holistic beauty of this platform. When you visit your Dashboard, you can see three layers of tabs one over the other providing different insights and customized information useful for you to understand about your activities on various social media platforms. Notifications tab brings all your notifications from your social media accounts. New Feeds get you all user feeds on this tab from where you can reply, delete and create the existing/new user feeds in a very easy manner. Content Insights tab keeps a track of a count of likes on your posts, retweets, and shares. My Recent Tasks provides you all your recent tasks created from user feeds. Add Trends is another beautiful feature that provides you the top trends across various social media platforms on global or country front, and it allows you to install widgets of your choice. IT is quite important and interesting to find these TRENDS so that you can actively participate in topics that are trending across social channels. If you want to see your top fans on any of your social media account just use Top Fans tab after which it asks you to select your social media account our of twitter, Facebook etc. and your information is there for you. Like, I selected my twitter account and I got a superb insight of my top fans in two ways - By Retweets and By Mentions.

Top Fans - By Mentions

Top Fans - By Retweets

The same pattern goes for your Facebook and INSTAGRAM Analytics. It is a lot more to explore, learn and use in an intelligent manner on ThoughtBuzz. If you seriously look at the two screenshots above it clearly indicates that it is good to have your INFLUENCER identification so that you can identify and engage your advocates. The social media analytics has become a serious need of a business or an individual.

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