Monday, June 08, 2015

@AcademyPastry Where Life Is Inculcated In Cakes And Pastries

Love is in the air.
Love with reaching the pinnacle of the art of baking.
Love with defining the philosophy of baking.
Love with the teaching the science behind baking.
Love with the creation in a new way.
Love with the building mastery in disciples.

If you want to witness all this variants of love, you must visit the Academy of Pastry Arts India, an international pastry school situated in Gurgaon, India. The day started with a warm welcome from Directors and Chief Chefs. I would say that among the lifeless buildings around where it is only money-hunt throughout the day, this building has the smell of cakes, pastries, joy, happiness and intellect, the moment you enter this building situated at plot no. 64, Udyog Vihar Phase IV, National Highway 8, Gurgaon, Haryana. It is the passion that drives highly successful professionals, housewives, youth and businessmen here - in an urge to learn something unique and of international standards.

The initial talks were more about the introduction of the Academy's Malaysia counterpart that is doing great and the response there created a necessity to launch it here in India. You have various options to swim in the ocean full of knowledge about baking. There is Basic Certificate Course in Pastry and Baking Arts that is of three months duration. The course is exhaustive to bring in you a basic level of professionalism in baking. You learn about bread, breakfast pastries, tarts & pies, cookies, entremets', petite gateau, french pastries, plated dessert,  chocolate & pralines, wedding cake and a lot more. The best part is that you get more hands-on exposure and less theoretical classes. The philosophy is simple - the more you swim, the more you learn. Whatever you bake on any day, it is yours. Students feel pride in taking their daily production of baking done with their own hands to take home and demonstrate their progress in the baking profession.

Similarly, there is Diploma in Patisserie - Pastry and Bakery Arts. Students  can upgrade from a certificate to diploma during the tenure. The diploma course is of six months duration. Then there is a nine months duration course Advanced Diploma in Patisserie - Pastry & Bakery Arts. Here you learn a lot to advanced level including project work, professional grooming etc. The fee model ranges from 2.5 lac to 7.5 lac. There is a day session too for enthusiasts. The courses are the regular weekday and also weekends so as to cater to all kind of students in the academy. There is a minimum age bar but no maximum age limit.

We learnt Travel Cakes, Madeline, Crumble; and most of the things did on our own under the special guidance and supervision of the chief chef. It was more of a creative weekend for me having exposure to some untouched areas and learning a lot of new things including some unique terminologies.

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