Thursday, May 07, 2015

A New Study Report Claims Pets Play A Major Role in Building New Friendship

Pets play a major role in your real life social relationship. You have higher chances of making new friends if you have pets. And if it is a dog, then your chances of making new friends increase by five percent.

That is what is revealed in a new scientific research conducted by The University of Western Australia (Australia) along with WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition (UK).

Pet owners are bound to meet new people more frequently as compared to the non pet owners.

The study was conducted on 2500+ adults selected randomly from various cities like Perth, San Diego, CA, Portland, OR and Nashville.
The crux of the study lies in the fact that the non-pet owners while walking or in social gatherings are mostly busy in their electronic gadgets and have no intentions or time for interactions with others. Whereas when a dog owner is having a walk along with his pet, he is free from this gamut of devices and is more attentive to the real world.

The study was featured in the April 2015 edition of the peer-reviewed scientific publication, PLOS ONE.

WALTHAM Center for Pet Nutrition is over fifty years old organization in innovative science and is a leader in having scientific authority in conducting research into the health and nutrition of companion pets. Their first research was published in 1963 and since then they have been working in the field of human-animal interaction, pet nutrition and relevant behaviors. They have published over 1700 research papers and over 600 peer-review scientific papers.

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