Sunday, April 26, 2015

@canderejewels : Stop Look And See Before You Buy

I had a doubt about this site and to get it clear I registered here. Well, about the doubt and its result, I will talk a little later. The portal is good, precise and fast. That is something credible. The customer support is equally responsive. You seek a response by entering your name, email and mobile number and immediately you get a response, even on a Sunday. That is also good.

What is not good is the misleading but catchy taglines to attract you without clrealy stating the context hidden behind those words. The first catch is "Free Shopping: Rupees One Thousand off: offer for new email subscribers on first purchase only." What is not mentioned here is that there is a condition to it. The minimum purchase is Rupees Fifteen Thousand to become eligible for this first time discount. Logically what is the harm in mentioning this clearly on this offer. There is not even a star and no mention of "conditions apply". Another point is that if you are getting a less than seven percent discount would you like to go for it?

If this is a lucrative offer, why not mention clearly on website and promotional emails? And if Candere thinks it is not a substantial discount and nobody would like to avail it, what is the gain by hiding it as the buyer in any case would come to know about it before making payments online?

Well there is an offer on the home page to get 20% discount on all your purchase. I decided to go for a purchase but I landed into another confusion. I selected an item (code: C002699) od and a new popup flashed - "Don't go, Order now and get Rs 1500 off - (Rs 1000 + Rs 500) on your purchase. Now what is this? This confusing pop up is asking for my email id whereas on top it clearly shows that I am logged in, by displaying my name. Something passed through quality unnoticed and unchecked.

Did I say the site is quite responsive, and so is the Live Chat? Well, in first go it appeared. But then the live chat became a dead chat. There was no response to any of my further queries after the first reply. Some Aliya Rastogi appeared to be there on the chat but there came no response for long. Strategically there is no timestamp on the chat sequences so that the gap between the query and response appears in real time to the customer.

My bill amount for the purchase was Rs 10,151. The chat response finally came:

Customer Support
Hi Jaideep
Yes, the price has been discounted
By 20%

But the bill amount still showed the same price without any discount asking for my mode of payment


  • You will be redirected to PayuCheckout website when you place an order.
    T & C


Product NamePrice
Shipping & HandlingFree
Grand TotalRs. 10,151

I stopped here till above confusions are cleared off.

Moreover, if you still make a purchase do try the two more lucrative offers:
1. 30 Days Return
2. Lifetime exchange

Both are ambiguous till you experience them in reality as there are no terms and coditions mentioned against each. Does it mean that if I make a purchase of Rs. 50,000 on day one and tell them on 20th day for return, it is hassle free full amount or there are some hidden conditions that will be told at that time? Well I did find the page explaing the return process and it specifies an easy process, but judge yourself, it is really simple process?


1)  If there is damage to an item upon delivery, call our customer service center immediately at +91 22 6106 6262 or email us at for assistance.

2)  Please read the information on your original packing slip.

3)  Preserve original packing and the item in its sealed form with all accessories, tags, boxes, bags, stickers, papers and original Invoice. Securely pack the unused item back.

4)  Once your package is ready, just call our customer service team and we will arrange to pick it up at your doorstep.

5)  Check the return package to the address indicated on the packing slip:
Enovate Lifestyles Private Limited
35-36 UG, The Mall,
Station Road,
Malad west,
Mumbai 400064

6)  Keep the Return Tracking Number from the package you are returning to ensure that the package is returned to our distribution center as mentioned above.

7)  You can expect a refund within 7 working days of our receiving your returned product. Refund will be credited to the same form of payment used in your original purchase.

Now let's say you received a damaged item, an item you didn't order or the wrong item, we'll a. first apologize profusely and then b. exchange it free of charge, or refund the full cost of the merchandise and shipping charges. Again, not that we don't trust you, but we'll need to inspect the item upon receipt. If it is indeed an error or a defective product, your refund or exchange will be on its way shortly. 

For Lifetime Exchange - What will be the value of Rs 50,000 item I purchased on Day 1 that I want to exchange on Day 100? I again found some information on the same but there are some lines that are not in favor of the buyer. Check yourself:


Candere has demonstrated a commitment to providing high-quality diamonds and jewellery and superior service. We stand behind each of our products with customer-friendly policies designed to ensure your satisfaction and make Candere your lifelong jeweller of choice.

Candere jewellery can be exchanged or upgraded for any other item as under:

Only Gold Jewellery can be exchanged at 95% of the current market value of gold.
Jewellery studded with Diamonds can be exchange at 90% of current market value of all the materials.
Jewellery studded with Gemstones can be exchange at 80% of current market value of all the materials.

Our exchange policy only applies to undamaged jewellery that are accompanied by the original diamond grading report and/or certificate. No discount offers can be clubbed or applied against the exchange. Diamond and/or Gemstone jewellery cannot be exchanged against only gold jewellery or gold coins. The current market value will be determined by Candere.comYou will be given a voucher for the determined value which remains valid for 12 months. Please note that this voucher cannot be encashed. 

Solitaire Diamonds Exchange at 90% of current market value, subject to a value limit of Rs.10,00,000/-. Currently Lifetime Exchange Policy is available on orders within India only.

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