Saturday, March 14, 2015

@ThoughtBuzz Your Ideal And Powerful Social Media Real Time Analytics

Most of the organizations have started taking the social media phenomena quite seriously. It is become increasingly desirable at top level for the purpose of making your presence felt on social media, the amount and kind of activities the organization would be performing there, and the outcomes or resultants generating out of these. Organizations have realized that no presence on social media is as good (or bad) as being there but having no clear-cut purpose and measures.

The same happens with individual professionals in the fray. For such organizations and individuals, there are some very powerful online portals/tools to assist you in that regard. Such tools let you know the real impact of your activities on social media, trends and much more meaningful & useful analytics. It depends on both – your vertical and horizontal reach on social media platforms that impacts on your various analytics. But one important point to note is to be relevant, meaningful and consistent on your social media platforms – rather than trying to increase your vertical reach.

ThoughtBuzz: What It Does:
Recently I had a detailed walkthrough on one such portal that provides you the real juice and insightful analytics. Let me try to explain what is done for you. Once you are registered here, the portal continuously keeps churning your social media accounts to chalk out your real-time Influencer Index. It all depends on your engagement with your customers and stakeholders on social media. It is important to know your key influencers among all the people or organizations you are engaged with on a social platform. It identifies the kind of relationship you hold with your influencers, who could be silently engaged with your page, some could be your super fans participating overwhelmingly in each every activity on your page, and some would be your critics. It could be a mix of either of all too.

If you are able to achieve this – identification of your key influencers and the category each one of them falls into, then you can clearly decide on your next course of action with each type and probably start building a personalized connect with them. Without any analytics, if would never be possible and in most of such cases, the communication stays one-sided and non-meaningful.

The product ThoughtBuzz is also available on mobile. We all know time is very critical factor in business and engagement. A real time engagement can only happen when you have such an app on your mobile as it is not possible to keep your laptop on all the time and be on it. This app has one more beautiful aspect. It is a collaborator of all your social media accounts and provides a consolidated analytics of all your cross platforms so that you can learn your overall impact. A single dashboard is built for this purpose that tells your engagement index, influencer index, growth and other key factors.

What you get on ThoughtBuzz:

You get your social media landscape completely reinvented. It is a very good tool for people engaged in marketing, service, sales, support and branding. It logically starts driving your efforts on social media into meaningful results. The product can be yours in three flavors - Free, Premium and Enterprise. 

I am checking out Thoughtbuzz as a part of an activity at BlogAdda

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