Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Couple Of Hours Of @housing In A By-lane #together

Short Story. Short Stories. Housing In A Bylane Together.

Short Story, Short stories. A couple of hours of housing in a by-lane together.

Short Story. Short Stories. A Couple of hours of the housing.

meta name="description" content="Short Story, Short stories. A couple of hours of housing in a by-lane together. The moments spent together are most precious in life./>

Sometimes the moments that you are going to spend the next day with someone very near to you do not excite you as much. But as soon as that day is over and the next day arrives in a normal fashion, nothing exceptional happens until I am reminded that I have been smiling over the precious memories of the previous day, spent with my daughter and wife. All such memories of a day well spent will keep ticking and popping up in mind unintentionally. That day has also become an inseparable part of all such days that have been full of happy, joyful and sweet memories. The moments spent together are most precious in life. A couple of hours of housing in a by-lane together.

One such day occurred many years back. My daughter was in high school and she had to attend a special one-day program sponsored by the Ministry of Environment. The program was scheduled to happen at the National Museum of Natural History. Few days before the D-Day, we decided that we will all go together. We will drop our daughter at the venue and will stay there on campus, wherever the ministry had made arrangements for the parents to wait for their children. We both took leave from our respective workplaces to accompany our daughter. There was something else on the cards for us in this regard, of which we came to know later.

When we reached the venue and dropped our daughter there, we came to know that there was no such seating arrangement made for the parents. The only option was to spend some time there in the premises itself by exploring the museum. The exploration of the museum was already a part of our plan, but that was after our daughter would be relieved from her program. Moreover, it was not possible for both of us to spend the whole day in that museum. So we decided to move out and chalk out a random plan for the day.

That random plan, in fact, was the most adorable instance of the day. We first drove to Connaught Place. It was still an hour or two for the shops to open. We parked the car in a bylane near the Plaza and started chit-chatting. We never set any boundaries for our talks. It was a swift walk through to early memories. We talked about the instances during our school days, college days, early job days and so on. It was as if we were breaking the ice and setting the tone for various conversations. Afterward, we visited the Bengali Market to have some snacks and filter coffee.

It is not that life does not give you chances to refresh yourself. You have to build a path to those moments to turn on your cheerful mode, to break free of your regular and fast-paced routine that is quite stressful. These moments built together to keep you energized for a long time and most of the time, you never know at the time of spending these moments together, of their power, positivity, and energetic zeal.

Sometimes, such a momentary castle molded together on the sands of time, paves the way for a lot of  blissful moments in life. 
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