Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Time When I Decided To #StartANewLife

Immediately after I completed my studies I started getting a continuous pressure to join somewhere and start my career. In fact, the pressure started building much before the completion of studies. I, on one hand, was still in my college days mood, not to take up a disciplined and tightly bound responsibility and, on the other hand, my wish was being totally opposed. I was feeling as if a group of five-six people picked me up from the ground level up in the air, with my whole body in the air, and throwing me in a pool of fire. I was facing a huge amount of resistance from within – one part of me – pushing me to stay cool with the freedom I carried during my college days, and another part of me – pulling towards my parents wish to get immediately into some kind of job to start my career.

The tug of war continued for many days and finally I surrendered towards my parent’s wish. I decided to apply for jobs and grab whatever comes instantly without poking much of my nose in the company of my liking or the salary I wanted to get a good start. Anyhow, I started my career in sales which was not my core area of education I have taken. Still I was able to do great in this job. Within a couple of months, I got two awards – Best Newcomer and Top Sales Achiever For The Month. That was a marvelous achievement for me and by now I have become a talk of the team of NCR. Within six months, I was being seen as the next Area Manager. This achievement was being anticipated to fall in my pocket in next six months, the moment I complete my one year. This was a really big achievement for me as I was under my probation period. More so, my peers in the team were straight from sales background whereas I was from science stream.

Still I was not able to fall in love with my job though I was doing it quite sincerely, probably because that was in my blood. Had it been anybody else, he would have seriously thought by now to take it up as a long term career. But I was not able to digest to be in sales for long, even though was performing exceedingly well.

Finally, the day arrived when a year was over. I was able to complete my probation successfully, in time. But that was the final call to my first job. A closure at a success point for a change in my career. I decided to join a full-time computer course and change my career to that of a software developer. 

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