Monday, February 02, 2015

#DriveWithSOUL : A Superb Experience To #JimCorbett With Tata Safari Tigers #NorthDrive

It does not matter at what age you are when you are young by heart. For that it all depends on the zeal and fire you have within and also on the vehicle you possess. Tata Safari is bound to give you that feel. That was recently proved when I met twenty-two Tata Safari owners to accompany them for the North Zone Drive to Jim Corbett  organized and sponsored by Tata Motors for a three day's trip. The trip started on 24th January early morning for travelling to Jim Corbett with a two nights stay there. The tour was filled with lot of activities, fun and unseen actions.

S.O.U.L. is a group of Safari Owners United League comprising of a group of Tata Safari owners. There are around seventy plus members of this group's Delhi chapter. Similarly there are state wise and region wise gatherings, events and collective activities - sometimes organized and managed by Tata Motors, otherwise, it is planned and executed on their own. The Delhi group is in its budding stage as it started just around three months back and within this period, there seems to be a good amount of activities happened with a bonding among their members and there is a unique kind of momentum and synergy in this group.

The members belong to varied streams of life from being businessman to army to MNC to professional. There were total twenty two Safaris and almost seventy total participants. The offer was for S.O.U,L. members, their families and their extended families. So there were families, friends and other relatives in the group. Overall it was a great amount of learning for me to find a superb team work, crisis management, project management and leadership. Each of the member is a leader in its own stream but here they were having one leader (or admin) to follow the instructions and guidelines. The tour was well planned, excellently executed and fully enjoyed by one and all. Kids had their own space and world there to enjoy. Youngsters had lot of sports and fun activities. There was adventure, fun, challenge, enjoyment and all kind of stuff to live during those three days.

It was a road trip of over 250 kilometers of distance on National Highway 24 from Delhi to Jim Corbett National Park, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand. We had a long road trip in plan, followed by lot of activities like barbecue, bonfire, wildlife safari, zip lining, musical evening, antakshari, DJ night, scenic views, temple vist and a lot more.

Overall it has been a memorable trip with an excellent group organized by an esteemed organization. 
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