Saturday, December 27, 2014

Why Do Good Habits Die Out As We Grow: #ForgottenHobbies

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Everyone has some, few or many hobbies in childhood. There would not be anyone who did not have at least a single hobby in their childhood. On the same lines, if I recall by travelling back to my memory lane, following are the hobbies I had during my childhood that I sustained for a considerable amount of time.

  1. Philately: I had a hobby of collecting stamps that I don't remember exactly how it started and when did I actually start it. But once started, I maintained it for a long period.
  2. Coin Collecting: After many years of continuing with this habit I came to know that the term is called Numismatics. By the time I left this hobby, I had a fairly large collection of coins of various countries.
  3. Book Reading: The passion of reading books started quite early. Initially it started with comic books leading to Champak, Parag and Chandamama and then with the time it reached to fiction, non-fiction, magazines and what not. So much so that we made a magazine club in our society and there used to be more than 20 magazines per month that all the members used to read by rotation. Ayn Rand, Agatha Christie, Maxim Gorky, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Amrita Pritam and many more entered into my life at quite an early stage.
  4. Cricket: Cricket was my passion to start with, in sports that later added Chess and both went on for a considerable period. In between there were Hockey and Football but for a very short period. Later I started playing Volleyball and then went on for a very long time.
  5. Music: Guitar and singing came at some stage of childhood and then I carried on with this hobby for almost a decade. In between tried my hands on tabla, bongo, kongo, drums, flute...
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