Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Truth Is As True As Its Revealer

It is said that Truth has no color but white. There is a deep meaning

behind that. Truth does not need any color. It looks most beautiful in
its purest form only - white. You don't need to pretend, or remember
what you say while being truthful. It makes you feel happy and
tension-free if you are truthful under all circumstances. It is purely
a game of heart.

It is also said that you can hold the truth back or manipulate it if is
going to save someone's life but without causing harm to the other
side. In such circumstances, you have to listen to your heart but will have to

let your mind also participate in the game.

It is also said that by creating some situation or building upon a
circumstance, you can get someone to blurt the truth, revealed out of the deepest of burrows inside someone's heart. This is quite tricky and it is not easy for all to master this art. It needs learning and wisdom to reach. Very few are

able to achieve and attain it.

The real life story is quite old, almost over three decades, when I was
studying in my senior secondary, in grade 11. I was in science
stream, non-medical and had a good friends circle, friends of all kinds!
I was quite active in various extracurricular activities in school -

music, debates, competitions, science fairs and what not. It does not
mean I was too bad in studies. I was doing fairly good in that too. Some of my friends were good in studies, and some were not so good in studies. Out
of these good friends, I had a few best friends too.

Childhood memories die hard. I have a large collection of my school time memories - good, bad and ugly. I think, everyone has that
treasure. One day we were having our chemistry practical in the lab.
It was your regular Chemistry lab with a large stock of acids and other chemicals. There were
litmus papers, thistle funnels and all other kinds of apparatus that we had on our individual workstations. We were all - ALL - in our

lab coats since the experiment was about preparation of laughing gas.
Our Chemistry teacher, Mr. Khare was a little fussy about his newly bought
scooter. Though he was a thorough gentleman and was quite knowledgeable about his subject, his passion about this new, shiny scooter, was quite evident. I was quite dear to my Chemistry teacher, being one of
the best students in his subject.

One of my close friends, Ravinder, who was not good in studies, in general, and was worse at Chemistry, had a separate thinking. He was a
little paranoid about such passion as Mr. Khare used to park his scooter inside the lab! Yes, he used to park it right at the back of the lab, rather than parking

it in the proper parking lot of the school.

Ravinder just took the
bottle of concentrated Sulphuric Acid and dropped few drops of it on
his front fender that was covering the front tyre. The nasty liquid
corroded whatever part of the fender, it had fallen on and dripped along the tyre as well.

The practical was over and we were back to our class for rest of the
periods of other subjects. School got over and we went home that day.
Ravinder thought nobody knew about what he had done, but I had
noticed it when he was walking to the back of the lab. Though I was

not aware of what exactly he had done, I was wondering what for had he
gone that side as we had nothing to do there as a part of our
practical experiment that we had to conduct standing on our allocated
seats in the lab?

Next morning, the second period was Chemistry Theory and the
same Mr. Khare was our teacher. The moment he entered in the classroom,
there was a certain aura of anger. He was fully red faced, eyes burning with
hatred. The moment he entered, and we chorused Good Morning to him

there was no reply from him. He made the whole class stand up and
roared - "Who spilled acid on my new scooter's tyre yesterday?". The whole
class was silent. All were unaware of what had happened except the guy
who had done it. I now was completely aware about who had done it. Mr
Khare shouted that he would not teach anything and all will keep
standing till the one who has done it comes forward and admits for the
blunder that has been done by him. He said it was an attempt to murder
him as due to acid, the tyre could have burst while driving back home
yesterday and he could have met with a severe accident!

What he said was true, but I knew Ravinder had no such intentions, and of
such extremities. In next fifteen minutes while everyone was wondering

about who had done it and were looking at each other's faces, I took a
decision. I came forward and admitted that I did it by mistake. Mr.
Khare was shocked to know it was me and so was the whole class. Only
Ravinder knew why I was doing it, I being his best friend, just to
save him, as he was not in Mr. Khare's good books. Mr Khare roared

- "You get out of my class, go home immediately and come back with
your parents before I take any further action against you."

I silently moved out of the class and went and stood outside Mr Khare's room,
waiting for the period to get over so that he comes to his room. The
moment he came, I told him that before going home and coming back with
my parents I need to talk to him for a moment. He refused at first but
looking at my face he decided to give me a chance. He sat down on his
chair and told me to sit down. I kept standing and told him the whole
story about yesterday. I told him clearly that it was not
me, but Ravinder who did it, but he had no such intentions as Mr. Khare had

concluded upon. Since Ravinder was not good in studies, it could lead
to his rustication from the school and that is why I took the blame
upon myself.

The picture was completely clear to Mr Khare. He also agreed not to
disclose it to anyone and moreover he would not take any action
against Ravinder. The truth had won. It had saved me from carrying a wrong blame because I lied to my teacher. It saved Ravinder's
life as he would have been terminated from school if he had come
forward in the class admitting his blunder. Above all it increased
my value in the eyes of my teacher and my friend.

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