Monday, December 01, 2014

Short Story: A Sad Instance Of Stubbleness (Stubbornness)

It was my first interview in the mid of December, chilly mornings. Sun God opening office late in the morning but my interview was scheduled for 9 sharp. The company was multi-national. Vacancy was for young, energetic, and fresh graduates from a good b-school to be absorbed as management trainees and after a year of internship, to be moved to various functions, depending on the flair of the candidate and a mutual consent with the management.

I was quite confident. Why should not have I been, being national topper, gold medalist throughout, smart and state-level badminton champion. Too much of achievements to float in air without bothering about the height from the ground. Never had imagined till then that the more you fly on such baseless things, the harder you hit the ground, sooner or later. Someone somewhere had stated - "You cannot sit on your Laurels". I was not sitting, just floating, higher and higher, and higher.

Admiring myself in the mirror was so frequent that I forgot to notice the subtle requirements. Carelessness was not my forte (that you can judge from my achievements) but probably there was a flaw in my system, not understanding the gravity of matter, at times (not always!). Well, one day before the interview, being so confident, I invited my friends to my house, for a small get-to-gather (and probably was celebrating the job in advance!). Still, till that moment, I was not aware, there was something different being planned for me, by some supreme power, or reversely, my stubbornness, that all of a sudden grew in my mind, the next morning, the moment I woke up.

Well, because of spending time till late-night with friends, after they departed, I ironed my suit to be worn next day for the interview and slept quite late (it was almost over 1 AM). Morning alarm, when came and gone, I could not gather. Probably I dismissed it, instead of snooze. And that was the turning moment of my life's first serious move. Got up late, got ready quickly, and forgot (or probably intentionally ignored) to clean-shave my face. And that became my reason of not getting selected despite being there in time, answering well during the interview and having great credentials. A small carelessness and an uneven stubble took over all my positiveness and became a powerful reason for my rejection.

Not anymore in life, I will never repeat this mistake ever! That was the promise to myself. That was a lesson learnt that day! Now nobody needs to ask me #WillYouShave.

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