Monday, December 01, 2014

Poetry: I Promise You Once For All - No More Stubble, No More Stubble

"A stubble is a stubble is a stubble!
why are you so stubborn?"
Years have passed but
I still remember your words.
The life has taken a big twist
no one came forward to hold my wrist,
I keep remembering every moment
spent with you,
your thoughts keep sparkling
in the droplets of my tears
like a bubble!

Will you come back to me, ever?
to hold my hand once again
will I ever be able to veer from this loss?
will life ever bring me some gain?
Why was I grown so stubborn?
Why I remained so careless?
Why I never understood your emotions?
Where did I lose my attention?
Why did you keep on waiting?
that some day I will turn up 
with a clean shaven face,
and there will be left no stubble.

The life has come to a standstill
it is de-steering like a hobble
the walls of my heart are again
craving for you to get repaired
the layers are detached and
the paint is gone
it is now just a mismanaged store
of old and faded memories,
a machine gone into poor condition
asking for a maintenance.
How could a life is stolen at the cost of a stubble?

Still my life has some hope
beyond every trouble
wherever you are, I hope
you still remember
a disorganized me
and my stubble,
but deep in your heart
I know, you are the same
loving, caring and murmuring my name
and to hide your tears
wearing dark glasses goggle.

Can you come back to my heart
that is dying slowly in a rubble
my motionless eyes
and all still moments
just praying for only one thing
- no more trouble.
a humble attempt to nobble
to ground my ego filled knobble
I promise you once for all
No more Stubble
No more stubble!

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