Sunday, November 30, 2014

Poetry: Luck Is Or Is Not But Never Deny To Step Up And Say Yes #WillYouShave

I am nobody's slave
I am my own King
You never forgot to ask me
tomorrow #WillYouShave
I never forgot every morning
to Shave.

The life keeps going into
circle and circle and circle
at times.
At times,
the situation becomes
quite grave.
But still I never forget every morning
to Shave.

You know whatever is the situation,
We never let each other down,
And never let anyone on us frown.
You never doubted
that I am not brave
And I never forgot every morning
to Shave

Your life is my pilgrim
You are my temple
In you, I see God all the time
and you think of me all the time
You know even if we are 
on rail or in a cave
Whatever, wherever, I never forget
to Shave.

The more we see each other
the more we meet
in any case we know
wherever we are
we are the two wires for the
bulb of happiness to glow.
We know very well
how much for each other we crave
and you also know this as well
that I never forget every morning 
to Shave.

Each moment of love
each swift blow of smile
I took and you gave
you took and I gave
But still between so much
to give and so much to take
I never forget every morning
to Shave.

So many years
so many months
so many days
so many hours
so many minutes
and so many moments
have passed
every moment is a naive
and every moment I decide
not to forget every morning
to Shave

I promise I will never leave
my fate in the hands of destiny
I will always step-up
and say yes to a well-groomed face
To be at my best everyday
I will never forget every morning
to Shave.

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