Wednesday, December 17, 2014

#PeshawarAttack: Promise Me To Carry A 2 Minute Silence Everyday For 132 Days

All words are short for this heinous crime done by Taliban Terrorists shamelessly and on top of that justifying this massacre. These are not human beings. These are barbarians. These are heartless, mindless and brainless creatures who forget that once they have also been children in their life, who took  birth in the same manner as these kids and any other human being. But it is the human factor that is lost and stolen from these terrorists while transforming them from a human to a non-human.
Source: A day after the massacre

 The same nationality, same religion and still there is no emotion. Why couldn't even one of the terrorists could turn back on their leader who ordered them for this barbaric act to run a round of bullets in their body instead of doing it on these innocent children. Total 148 lives lost, out of which 132 children, and that too inside an Army School and the reason given by them is that Pakistan Army has killed their innocent children and families. That is the height of shamelessness. The message is clear for the whole world to unite against these terrorist communities who are definitely far less in the count and teach them a lesson, once for all.

Just a simple humble request from my side. Say a prayer every day for next 132 days and a 2 minutes silence for each of the innocent kid murdered.

Are you with me. If you read this post and just leave a comment... Children are God's gift.
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