Thursday, November 06, 2014

Book Review: The True Tale of Castaway Ann Saunders by Roger Weston: An Adventurous Sea Journey

The True Tale of Castaway Ann Saunders published in February 2014 is a true short story by Roger Weston. The story is about Ann Saunders and her sea journey on the ship named Francis Mary over Atlantic Ocean, starting from the dock in Liverpool, England. Ann Saunders is accompanied by James Frier, with whom she is engaged. Francis Mary is a wood vessel carrying them both through River Mersey. Ann is so excited and thrilled, as this being her first journey abroad, that too via sea, is going to be quite adventurous, as she thought without able to guess what are the expected outcomes of this journey going to be. After their return from this journey,

In The True Tale of Castaway Ann Saunders by Roger Weston, the lead characters Ann and James are not the only two on board for this voyage. They have been invited by Mrs. Kendall to accompany them on the ship. Mrs. Kendall is wife of the captain of the ship and she invited the would be couple for a purpose. The purpose is to provide a chance to James to explore sea journey as he is planning to take up seafaring as a career. The destination of this journey is New Brunswick , Canada. Initially for first three days Ann had a trouble in getting accustomed to sea journey and her stomach went upset. But gradually she started coping up and the impact of seasickness was gone. 

The True Tale of Castaway Ann Saunders by Roger Weston is actually a complete round travel story. The journey that started on November 10, 1825 from Liverpool, England ended in the first half of January 1826. By 18th of January, Captain Kendall arranged for a return cargo of timber and decided to leave for their return journey. Ann had to drop her momentary decision of not going back to Liverpool but then she remembered the promise given to her mom and also the plans to get married with James after her return home.

The return journey was smooth till February 1st when all kind of troubles started with high winds, dark skies and hurricane like situations arising. Overall The True Tale of Castaway Ann Saunders by Roger Weston is an interesting read where you get to be a part of the complete journey along with Ann and James, Captain Kendall and his wife. You become the part of the passengers of Francis Mary. As per author there is some part of the fiction that has been added to the true story of Ann Saunders.
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