Sunday, October 19, 2014

SOIL: An Institution No Less Than A Place of Worship Imparting Inspired Leadership In Innovative Way

Imagine that that place where your spend your whole day is not less than a worship place. By worship place I mean to say a place where you visit regularly and every time you visit there, you find a new way of living, you find something new in you, you find a substantial increase in the positive energy within and you get a feeling that this is the best place in the world. And if that place is not other than your work or learning place then nothing would be better than it. That is what you will find when you visit a unique, innovative and an institution running entirely with a new concept. This institution is named School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL)

At School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL), your path towards acquiring leadership skills not only help you to understand world in a better way but ensures first that you understand yourself - completely. The path created to attain it is a via acquiring knowledge with a mix of spiritual, intellectual and analytical ways. Each student here gets a fully dedicated mentor to help in carving his or her path in a distinct, creative and structured manner to build mentee's integrity, wisdom, knowledge and self-empowerment block by block. The institution is in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

SOIL is a business school with a special mission of providing wholesome (nutritious for mind and life) curriculum that provides a completeness to one's soul. As stated above the first and foremost goal of the curriculum is to enable the you as a student to understand yourself, your powers, your complete potential and getting empowered to learn how to synergize your positive energies to achieve higher and bigger goals of life. SOIL ensures its student's character gets nurtured to its peak potential via learning deeper on values by means of Yoga, face to face interaction with Global Leaders, peer interactions and mentor's feedback. 

Five core pillars of SOIL are Ethics, Compassion, Sustainability, Diversity and Mindfulness so that the path towards leadership stays focused on inspired leadership. I had an interaction with Anil Sachdev on my first visit there, the Founder and CEO of this uniqueness and it is apparently very clear about his mission and vision defined for the School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL).

Recently on my second visit to the SOIL institution in Gurgaon I got a chance to meet Mr. Claudio Dell'Era who had come from Italy to conduct a 6 days program for SOIL students (students from SOIL and others who had come from various industries from all across the country). The evening time on the day I visited there, a workshop was about to start for around 50-60 students on Knowledge Innovation Design Thinking. Claudio is a well know entity on global front counted among top few who have complete authority on Design Thinking and Innovation. The three roles that Claudio Del'Era has in his professional life are - Training, Consulting and Researching. He has PhD in the subject and is Co-Director of MaDe In Lab, Management of Design and Innovation Laboratory. Dr. Claudio is also an Assistant Professor at the MIP - Politecnico. MIP is a scientific technological university specialized in imparting training to engineers, industrial designers and architects. It was an enriching and extensive discussion with Dr. Claudio on Innovation and Design Management.

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