Sunday, October 19, 2014

Healthy Children At Home = Happiness All Over In Your World: 3xImmunity = 24x7Happiness

The crux is already mentioned in the one liner Title of this post. Every home has children at some moment of time in life. This time repeats in everyone's life. We are born as a child - cycle one, we grow, get married, and then we have children - cycle two. Our children grow and then they have children - cycle three. Note that the cycle one is about one child but cycle two and cycle three are bound to have multiple kids. Childhood is a budding stage. It is the phase when a seedling sprouts into a sapling, the sapling grows into a plant and then the childhood changes to adulthood when this plant grows into a tree. The childhood is so precious in terms of care, attention and focus as these are the phases where the care and love, if properly given, goes a long way in a positive manner; and if it is not given properly, puts an impact in one's life at a later stage.

Health is important at all stages of life. At childhood, it is like a depositing phase for future meaning that if proper health is maintained during childhood, it give your lifelong returns. That is why it becomes primarily critical for parents to take care of their child or children at this stage. A healthy child not only ensures a problem-free life for him/herself later, but it brings a magical impact, instantly, at home, and in the life of those who are nurturing this childhood, in their world. When you have a healthy child at home, it automatically and unconditionally brings in a huge amount of happiness in your life and in your world wherever you are. This definitely brings in a positive impact in your home, work and social life. Such a powerful chain it builds. So if we provide 3 times the immunity a child needs at that stage, the formula derived out of that is a 24 x 7 unstoppable happiness and joy in everyone's life at home. 

Immunity protects us from illness. Illness brings in a downfall in agility, energy, and health. Out of the various formulae to maintain health/fitness, the best, in my opinion, is to go the natural way. Ensure proper ingredients to reach to every cell of your child's body by means of herbs that are there in Dabur Chyavanprash. There have been, proven clinical and pre-clinical papers available which say that with the increasing volume of germs in the environment it is important to build a proper immunity system to strengthen your body to save you from various infections and keep you away from bacteria and viruses. Now as an adult you can take care of yourself but what about your children who are less attentive or knowledgeable to take care of themselves and, in fact, are more prone to get affected?

So ensure 3x immunity for your children and in return you get 24 x 7 happiness all around. 
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