Sunday, October 05, 2014

Book Review: Classic Tales From Mystic India by Kamla K Kapur: A Mystical Mist of Myths

Classic Tales from Mystic India by Kamla K. Kapur published by Jaico Books is a fantastic read interestingly woven around the epic saga of Indian mythological stories about the Gods belonging to various era. Every country in the world has its own mythologies and stories woven around their myths. Indian mythology is quite rich in that aspect. The stories are not only woven so interestingly that they create an atmosphere of new learning and knowledge gaining, but it opens a new perspective for our learning acquired earlier.

Full marks go to the author Kamla K. Kapur for choosing the collection of stories for each of the section and also for presenting these sections in a chronological sequence in her book Classic Tales from Mystic India. Basically the book has 6 sections. It starts with Stories of Vishnu where we have four interesting stories. The next section is about the Stories of Brahma with two stories. In next section of the Stories of Shiva, Parvati and Ganesha we will have a collection of three stories related to Lord Shiva. Next to it comes A Story of Krishna and some Parables where we will have bundle of four stories revolving around Krishna. The next section is Stories from the Ramayana having a collection of five interesting stories. And the last section is Classic Tales from Mystic India in which we will have a treat of six stories from the mythological saga of Pandavas and Kauravas.

Overall Classic Tales from Mystic India by Kamla K. Kapur is a beautiful bouquet of 24 stories stored in 158 pages where each page promises to give you a new amount of information related to the mythologies of India. A must read for everyone for any age and in return you are bound to get a new bundle of information about of Gods and the life patterns during those era. The best part is the introduction information at the start of each section that gives you a proper base for the forthcoming stories in that section. In fact in the introduction part of each section I had some or the other piece of information that I didn't know earlier. Language is excellent and so are the illustrations related to the respective stories.

Entirely Entangled is a story of Narada and Vishnu where Vishnu demonstrates him the power of Maya. Narad gets to know about it only once he experiences it himself and thus witnesses its power and how immensely he himself got grasped into it. On the Track of Love is another interesting story in which Narada is under the impression that he is the biggest and greatest disciple of Vishnu. On the other hand Vishnu gets him involved into a small exercise to make him acquainted with the real truth of life.

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