Saturday, October 04, 2014

Book Review: 5 Soul-Searching Short Stories by Shailesh J Khatri: A Set of 5 Touching Stories

115 pages, 5 short stories and a vast variety in the themes in 5 Soul-Searching Short Stories by Shailesh J. Khatri and published by Become Shakespeare will keep you engaged in this thought-provoking ideas probably reflecting the hardcore realities of day to day life. What all matters in a story is characterization, characters, story, plot, presentation style and the endings. Characterization and character - different between the two as per my understanding are the reality factor built in the character of the story. 

For all factors listed above, a complete justification is done by Shailesh J. Khatri in 5 Soul-Searching Short Stories. The stories are quite near to real life scenarios and probably have been influenced by the realities seen around that shook the soul, mind and heart and hence found a place in the book.

Story one titled 'Another Misfit' in 5 Soul-Searching Short Stories by Shailesh J. Khatri is about a youth Amar Sinha living with his widowed mother Meera in Mumbai. Amar has just completed his studies in bright colors and is hopeful of getting a strong ladder as his first job to build his successful career in a short span of time. His dream comes true when he gets his desired job in one of the best company in Mumbai as a Research Analyst where he gets ample scope to prove his worth. But soon he becomes the victim of circumstance that his simple heart is not able to understand about the venom in the minds of people around. It is sad to see the tragic ending of his career and life.

Story two titled 'In Search of Emancipation' in 5 Soul-Searching Short Stories by Shailesh J. Khatri is again about a simple man Umashankar Upadyaya who is quite religious and learned and a lecturer in a college. He is in search of a person who can answer his quests about life and give him real wisdom. He finds one through a friend and colleague in the college and decided to go to stay with that Swami to gain knowledge and wisdom. But ultimately he gets a shock of his life after staying there and witnessing the harsh and pinching reality about the so-called Swami.

Similarly the rest three stories are quite interesting and quick to grab in 5 Soul-Searching Short Stories by Shailesh J. Khatri. The book is available for Rs. 95 or USD 4.
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