Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Mystery of The Ghost Writer And Wheat - Part I

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Shekhar Dutta, wearing one of his usual  t-shirts and track pants was busy reading newspaper while sipping his tea and in between peeping in the kitchen where Tara was busy in her everyday morning routine of cleaning the kitchen. Sitting in balcony, sipping tea while reading newspaper and keep on admiring Tara in between the news stories was Shekhar’s everyday routine. During this routine he had acquired a habit of titillating his bald head or itching his French beard gently. Spending almost 2 hours every day reading newspaper helped Shekhar in keeping in touch with current local, national and global scenario. Otherwise he had a hectic schedule of finishing his writing assignments for his clients who were mostly publishing house or individual writers for whom he was a ghost writer. He never liked this idea of getting his creativity published in somebody else’s name but he was getting handsome returns in lieu of that.

 Exactly ten days from now is the day when Shekhar and Tara got married and Tara Sehgal became Tara Dutta. Tara is still as slim and attractive as she was then though Shekhar has grown some ageing marks on his face. When he married her eleven years back, he was working with one of the top publishing houses having a good reputation on global front. And that is how Shekhar also came into limelight because of his God gifted excellent writing skills combined with his passion for writing. Gradually his fame got larger than the organization and when he started getting ample number of writing assignments in individual he decided to give it a call and start on his own. Though his immediate boss, the CEO of the company told him to stay on and carrying on with his personal assignments after office hours and weekends, his heart did not give permission for that. He was a person of values right since his childhood, grown under the strict surveillance of his father belonging to one of the largest Hindu families of the holy city of Banaras. After finishing his graduation he moved to Mumbai for MBA in Mass Communication and gradually got selected by one of the top publishing houses Tata Publications.

Being Saturday it was a holiday for the whole family. Shekhar, in any case, was stay home Dad after he quit his job and becoming a successful freelance writer. Shekhar, though average height, fair, lean and having thin specs, but it was his ever smiling face that hooked Tara to him. As compared to Tara,  working in one of the most successful media houses of the busiest city and finance capital of the country, Mumbai, as Chief Media Officer (CMO), has always been career oriented and that has brought her to the top-notch post so early. Her next target is to become the President of the organization, which she is sure of to get, by the end of next financial year. Tara is very beautiful, fair, keeps her hair trimmed regularly and loves to be in formals and high heels whenever she goes out. As a policy of their organization all highly sensitive incidents have to be handled by Tara directly so as to avoid any conflicts and confusions.

During all these eleven years, there has never been a serious conflict between Tara and Shekhar, though sometimes they argue to an extent where one of them stops before it reaches to a fighting stage. But it has never gone to the extent of a quarrel. That is one of the factors to keep them admiring each other after so many years of marriage. Before the birth of Roohi, their only child, both had decided that whether boy or girl, they will not go for second child. Roohi, studying in fourth grade in one of the top schools, is the strongest bonding factor between the two. Roohi is fair, healthy, foodie and sweet girl but her naughtiness is good enough to declare her notorious, anytime. She loves to wear frill frocks and compelling her mom for making two ponytails on most occasions.  Roohi is still asleep as on weekends she wakes up late and parents also prefer that to avoid her notorious acts.

“Sweetheart! What are you planning to gift me on our coming marriage anniversary?” As the melodious words melt into Shekhar’s ears, he realized Tara was standing right in front of him. He was so lost in the shocking news of the famous photographer working with a local newspaper in Kochi, Jennifer Joseph, found in a compromising condition with a law student studying in Law Faculty in Delhi University, in a 7-star hotel in Mumbai, along with 5 kilograms of Wheat (costliest drug) worth 2 crore.

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