Saturday, September 13, 2014

Book Review: My Heart is Your Brothel by Namitha Varma: If I Say I Want To Cry In Your Arms

My Heart is Your Brothel is a straightforward, right from heart written eight micro-poems that will for sure touch your heart and strike inside your head. The poems are direct to the point, crisp and straightforward. It may sound harsh or blunt to some. The pain behind these words is quite prominently visible along with the depth of love and intensity of fears. If you have not read it, grasp it and read it. Not much effort is required as only eight poems, 18 pages and free available book. For sure to be grabbed. The heat will be felt for long even after the fire goes off. Only thing that depends on you is how far and how long you are able to carry it along, in life.

Hesitant Beginnings is the first poem in My Heart is Your Brothel written by Namitha Varma. The first few lines are enough to absorb your attention. There is a pain, a plea and a challenge for a long lasting love. It is basically asking for an unconditional love, or rather checking, or probing, or may be assessing... but all in so crisp and beautiful words. There are further small droplets of words sprinkled so systematically to hit at right place of the heart. Asking in so few lines so big things of life about love is marvelous in My Heart is Your Brothel by Namitha.

The writing is matured, thought process is clear, expression is marvelous and words selection, on top of that, is highly accurate in My Heart is Your Brothel by Namitha. Superb book worth spending few minutes of life, without spending a penny and am sure that the amount of time spent reading on these micro or mini poems is so worth that it will compel you to open it again to read, introspect and read again!

It talks mostly about love, fear of separation, wants, desires, harsh reality of life, extremes of love,  unselfish love, unconditional love...

You can download the full ebook from 

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