Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Online Fraud Alert: Beware of and Engaged in Burgling Money

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The story begins with a mailer or an offer from any of the hidden affiliates. In my case it was myCashKit_Msgs that said for Rs 50 I will get 6 movie tickets and a link was there. This is the site that in partnership with the bluff site (screen 1) or may be unknowingly provided me the link to land on to the culprit site (screen 2):


My fault is that I did not notice on either of the sites that there is no strong support system and there is no visibility of contact details and demographics. Since nothing is there in real existence. 

Who would not get into the trap at first instance by looking at the following screen of

So did I. The date was August 15, 2014. The moment I entered my credit card details and submitted waiting for the 2nd level usual authentication for online transaction, there was a message that Rs 1730 (against the displayed amount of Rs 50 as shown above) has been charged from my credit card company. Now I had a login created on this site. As stated above there was no contact details, address etc. on this site too except a ticket system (offline). I created a ticket stating that you guys have bluffed by showing lower amount and charging almost 35 times the amount. Soon my login was disabled. The amount as per credit card bank information has gone to Eviano Digital U.S. The whole game goes on https rather than http meaning the complete forgery is going on in a secured manner.

Have asked my bank and the reply was an eye opener. As per them all domestic online transactions lead payee to second level authentication process but for overseas online transactions the second level doesn't come and the transaction is complete the moment you enter your CVV. The site it means is linked to the same site offering the same in $1 and charging around $35 is, see screen 3 below:


Created tickets on the parent site from where I was provided with this lucrative offer. First ticket raised on 16th August has no reply. Another raised on 23rd August obviously is beyond question to expect a reply. See Screen 4 and Screen 5 below for both the tickets raised on the site So be careful even on this site too. Surprisingly again both these sites are nowhere on facebook, twitter or any other social media. Probably there is a mafia that is performing and running it.



Few more screen shots of the Indian site

The url for Indian site is:

And some more screenshots of the US site

The url for the US site is:

Bad thing is that these burglars are still roaring in the open on internet in different ways and snatching money from people in the US and India. There are so many victims I found on Twitter. See tweets below:

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