Monday, August 25, 2014

Book Review: The Colour of DAWN: Story of A Woman Passing Through Various Shades of Love Hate and Fear

The Colour of DAWN by Janaki Murali is a good fiction story well stringed and smoothly driven through various passages of the life of a woman who gets to undergo different colors of love, hate and fear. It is the story of Sita, the main character around whom the story revolves and evolves. A fear that engulfs her at one moment of time in her life stays with her for twenty five years and she is never able to detach it from her heart and soul even after best of her efforts.

One shade of love that Sita passes through in her early life generate fear, deep rooted, in her. And that fear forces her to reject the marriage proposal with her cousin Kunjan. Another shade of love provides her ample space in her life and that is why she agrees to the proposal of Sami, Dr. Sami. One thought of first love made her shiver of fear, whenever it sparked in her mind, or life. Another love brought a smile on her face and in her life. After marrying to Sami she gets blessed with a lovely daugther Sanjna. The story takes us through two sets of generations. In first set of generation we meet Kunjan, his mother Saras Athai, his brother, Sita, Sita's mother, Sita's father and so on. And in another set of generation we see Sita, Sami, Kunjan and Visalam as parents and Sanjna (daughter of Sita and Sami), Rajan (son of Kunjan and Visalam). The story of The Colour of DAWN by Janaki Murali promises to deliver a lot in terms of emotional turbulence.

There are many angels of the story that brings in quite thought provoking questions. Is love meant to give or snatch? Is is possible to have real love with someone that creates a lifelong fear in one's life. Is love meant to go beyond madness that its failure brings in criminal thoughts in one's mind. The author has handled such disturbing moments in such a brilliant and crisp manner that the reader stays hooked to the magnetism of the story of The Colour of DAWN by Janaki Murali.

Another angle is added in the pages of lives of Sita and Kunjan when their respective children marry with an out of religion counterparts. Sita's daughter Sanjna marries Saif, who belongs to Pakistan. And Rajan (son of Kunjan) marries an American girl Janet. Circumstances play a major role in The Colour of DAWN in such a way the life takes a 360 degrees turn in Kunjan's life. The more he forced and imposed himself on others, the more he lost in his life. Probably even with everything in his life, he was always a loner and loser.

Overall The Colour of DAWN by Janaki Murali is an interesting read to see various aspects of a woman and her swinging between love and fear.

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