Wednesday, July 02, 2014

What Did Draupdi Shop For Her Five Pandava Husbands On Her First Marriage Anniversary

It was her first marriage anniversary. A year back five brothers came to her bridegroom selection contest organized by her father Drupad, the king of Panchal for which a larger number of aspirant prospect kings and other royal guys came to participate in that contest. Though all of the five brothers were smart and handsome, one of them, Arjuna, was the most gorgeous among not only his five brothers but all the contestants who had come from far off places. The contest was not simple and most of the contestants had already given up and left the contest place.

Finally, probably with the blessings of God, and as per the wishes of Draupdi, Arjuna was able to win the tough contest. Both were very happy and so were the four brothers – Yudhistir, Bheema, Nakul, and Sahdev. Although only Arjuna had married Draupdi, but as per the accidental wish of Kunti, Draupdi became wife of all the five brothers. Now on her first marriage anniversary, Draupdi had to buy gifts for all her five husbands as per their preferences and choices.

Through the genius Arjuna, Draupdi found out the best online shopping portal to buy gifts for her husbands that offered best of the range of products, and was most trustworthy and reliable. First she thought of Yudhistir who was quite calm and sober; and decided to buy Veda-Veda Navy Blue Short Kurta that would fit well on his tall and slender body. She was very much sure that this would  be the best bet for Yudhistir. Now for Bheema, she decided to buy rough and tough shoes for her mountain sized husband. She zeroed down on Style Centrum Formal Lace Up Shoes as best of the deal available online.

For Nakul she finalized Reebok Thrust (Trail Fari) Black Floaters from Reebok available at a fantastic price. Draupdi was by now sure that with the help from Arjuna, she has landed on the best of the shopping portal having a huge number of products and their varieties. Any other shopping portal would have been useless to cater to her selection for best items for her five husbands.  For Sahdev, Draupdi zeroed down on Poacter Pack of 2 Dark Blue Jeans Design 4 that she was sure would fit in well on him.

Now was the tough time for her to finalize gift for Arjuna. Being her favourite husband, Draupdi decided to shower all her love for him by selecting best of the items for him. She decided to buy Kamachi Jogger Motorized Tread Mill 111 for Arjuna, so that he is able to keep himself fit and well throughout.  With all these purchases done, while Draupdi was about to log out from her account, she suddenly got an idea of buying something for her month-in-law, Kunti, too. Since she had saved a good amount of money with all these great deals, she decided to buy a good sari for Kunti, and selected Craftsvilla designer Saree party wear by Ethnictrend.

That was probably one of the best day for Draupdi to get prepared for celebrating her first marriage anniversary. By now she was sure that each of her husbands would be browsing through the same portal to select best of the anniversary gifts for her.

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