Sunday, July 06, 2014

First Online Shopping Portal Meeting All Requirements of Largest Indian Family

Based on the excellent experience Draupdi acquired while shopping online for 5 unique gifts for each of her husband on the occasion of their first marriage anniversary, the message spread around about this fantastic online shopping portal and everyone got eager to get its hands onto it. Gandhari, Dhritrashtra’s wife and mother of 101 children got enthused to get her own kind of experience on this unique portal with a huge variety of items and varieties in terms of buying gifts for all her children and a special one for her husband. But the constraint was that Gandhari as per her promise to her blind husband always wore a black strip over her eyes so as to live a similar kind of life as her husband’s. But this time to acquire her own experience over this portal, she had to ditch Dhritrashtra for few hours.

This eagerness and newly generated passion led Gandhari to dodge Dhritrashtra seeking an excuse from him for a day to stay inside her room to have some long rest. After getting a nod from him, she immediately organized to get a laptop and internet connection from her secret resources and got it configured inside her room. With her new laptop and a fast 3G internet dongle, activated, she immediately logged on to this excellent shopping portal to start her long chase for 101 gifts for her children. Gandhari had earlier thought it to be an uphill task to buy gifts for her 100 sons and 1 daughter, but the moment she landed on to this excellent online shopping portal, she somehow got a relief and a confidence that it will not so. And in reality, the amount of time and efforts she had anticipated in doing this hectic exercise was far less in that proportion. In actual the amount of time she had to spend in searching for relevant gifts and adding those items in her shopping cart for placing an order later for all collected gifts, was exorbitantly less and phenomenally impressive. The shopping portal had completely won her heart by the time she reached to half of her mission of shopping for her large family.

Initially Gandhari had never thought that she will be able to select 101 gifts for all her children in such a short duration, and on top of that, of her choice. The ease and comfort with which she finally got all the gifts of her choice was excellent and she had all praises for the portal. In fact after selecting a wide range of shirts, pants, jeans, trousers, gym accessories, watches, shoes, handbags, purses, belts, wallets, and a lot more; she got so much accustomed and comfortable that she decided to buy a few more for home also. With a wide variety of fabulous bed sheets and other home accessories she really had to control herself in going for all in one go.

And finally she decided to buy a pair of smartest of goggles for her dear husband Dhritrashtra J without thinking on how would he be using it. 
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