Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Incredible Jhinga Machi and Asus Zenphone

I didn't know there will be some day in my life when I will be witnessing something so incredible so closely but it has happened. Hangover is still not gone, as it has happened just a day before. The day itself was incredible that came with a promise of bringing incredible things in my life. The gala event was organized at Pragati Maidan with more than 500 like me (or would have been luckier enough to witness something incredible earlier in their life) to witness the incredible that was bound to come in all of 500 plus technology and blogging enthusiasts' life.

Indiblogger organized the event where it was fun, knowledge, sharing, networking, food, drinks, snacks, t-shirts, prizes, aerial show, Bollywood celebrity Arjun Kapoor (the latest gen-y heartthrob) and a lot more. Wi-Fi dodged and registrations had to happen in excel. The opening show was fantastic and you can enjoy the video below.
It was very humbly declared about the Red Dot Award that has been won by Asus for Zenfone design for the year 2014. And this is not the first award that they have received from worldwide prestigious agencies. Certain features that are seen for the first time in a smartphone (and thus making it a smartphone+ ), like, no loss of continuity while dragging a video forward or backward. Something that happens flawless and natural.

Another unique feature is clear picture grabbing in the dark without using flash. That is something probably that has never ever happened before. This is something excellent that has been embedded from laws of optics to a digital camera. One more thing that will provide you joy if you are photography fan is that pixels are not getting broken while spreading a pic. 

Obviously, there was no incredible jinga machchi on the show but the features, and the zenfone definitely is incredible, undoubtedly. 
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