Sunday, July 13, 2014

My First Family Vacation Day in Mumbai and a Coincidental Zindagi IndiBlogger Meet to Witness

That was a surprise a couple of days earlier when noticed that an Indiblogger meet in parallel is going to happen in Delhi and Mumbai on 21st June. There was no net loss in losing an Indiblogger meet of Delhi as we were starting our family vacation on 21st itself. The same in parallel was scheduled in Mumbai too, so the three bloggers from the family (my wife, daughter and myself) registered instantly for Mumbai meet. Had to shuffle around our plans here and there so as to fit in the meet on the very first day we were landing on Mumbai's land. 

Reached at Mumbai Airport at around 8.30 am and to our hotel by 9.30 am. We had ample time to visit a nearby place, come back to hotel, get fresh and then reach at the venue of Zindagi Indiblogger Meet @The Leela, Mumbai. We reached the venue well in time (a little before 12 pm) and had a good time in giving a sweet surprise to known Indibloggers in Mumbai and Indiblogger team, for attending the event in Mumbai than our usual venue Delhi.

I remember, years back, (around more than 20 years back), there used to be a late night telecast of Pakistani plays (Dhoop Kinarey, Andhere Ujale, Tanhaiyan etc.) and I used to watch them with amiss. It was a great feeling to know about Zee TVs effort to bring in the same/ similar stuff back on TV channel in Indian - Zindagi Channel. Superb job!

Presence of Pakistani artists, video conferencing from Karachi with one of the well known producers/ directors, discussion about Pakistani plays and the connection we have for years with the culture - all was quite interesting and engrossing.

An excellent meet about "Jodey Dilon Ko" by Zee TV and organized by Indiblogger on the day of birthday of my daugther was a good celebration regarding a joint initiation of taking forward the art and culture of both the countries collaboratively.

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