Monday, July 14, 2014

Poetry: Can You Close Your Eyes: Touch Me: And Tell Me My Religion?

Can you tell what is the religion of a word?
What caste a faith belongs to?
How to find out the difference in blood?
To whom an ocean belongs to?

Can you tell What is the religion of a Mother?
Which caste of mother loves more to her child?
Which caste blood is more loyal?
Which caste brain works faster?

Can you tell how people belonging to different religions
have the same cycle of birth and death
Can you tell why God didn't give different color
to blood of people belonging to different religions?

Why a doctor of one religion saves a patient
of different religion?
Why two soldiers of same religion standing
across borders kill each other?

Can you run a clock with different speed
for different religion?
Can you segregate oxygen in the air
religion wise?

Do you know the the people who
play with religion, feelings and sentiments
belong to only one religion - cruelty, inhumanity, insanity

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