Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mission Impossible With Skyscanner: From Delhi To Leh To Kiari and Return with Peter

He left us one night in dark, when everyone was asleep at home. He had acquired a good amount of space in everyone's heart in a short span of 10 years. He belonged to no one but had made an eternal connection with everyone at my home. Five years back when I found him on the side of a road in a pool of his own blood, he was hardly 5 years old. Finding nobody around, when I stopped the car, on seeing him in a dying condition; I immediately picked him up to the city hospital to take a chance to save him. Doctors were not very hopeful when they first examined him, after a good amount of loss of blood, but brought him back to a comfortable condition in next 5 days.

When he revived back and was able to talk, he told that he had nobody in this world and was living by the side of the road where a big car hit him that night and left alone on God's mercy. I brought him home and soon he became part of the family. We named him Peter. Nobody at home had ever thought that Peter will vanish one day all of a sudden. Peter, not being very good at studies was silent for last one week, waiting for his board exams result and was hopelessly depressed. He had run away, leaving a note behind with just 2 lines on it - "I am leaving forever as am sure that I will not get through the result to be declared tomorrow morning. Sorry, and don't try to find me".

After day and night effort of 6 months, I was able to find out that somebody resembling Peter was in Leh through one of my friends whose brother was at a high rank in police there. I immediately went to the best of travel site, booked a couple of tickets (as my wife insisted to go along with me), immediately for next morning to reach Leh Airport. Each return ticket costed me Rs 31,038.

Wed 16 Jul
Sun 20 Jul
Price per adult

I was confident that I will be returning along with Peter from Leh, hence had to book another one way ticket from Leh to Delhi. The ticket costed me another Rs. 24,354. I had spent Rs 86,430.

Sun 20 Jul
Price per adult

I immediately paid through my credit card and received e-tickets in no time. After printing my e-ticket I ensured to web check-in there and then only for my early morning AI flight scheduled for 6.15 AM. My hotel deal was for Rs. 12,615.


Double room
    Rooms left: only 2!

    With an online booking of hotel online through the same excellent site we were now all set to reach to Peter and get him back. We reached Leh Airport by 7.35. Checked in out hotel, called DSP Rathore, who accompanied us to Kiari where Peter was located. Peter was all in tears when he saw us and realized the blunder he had made. After knowing that he had got through in his result with a good percentage, he was all relieved.

    All credits of Peter coming back to us goes to the site that helped me in instantly getting tickets and accommodation in Leh without any trouble.

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