Saturday, July 12, 2014

One Dark Night by Anna Faversham is half price until Wednesday

One Dark Night by Anna Faversham

It is 1821 and smuggling is rife on the English coast. Lucy Yorton, dragged away from her privileged, comfortable life into this cruel world, finds her problems increase when two men enter her life.

Lieutenant Karl Thorsen, sworn to avenge the death of his father, is a King's man. He is determined to stop the violent smugglers, hang them, and hang and gibbet one in particular.

Daniel Tynton has smuggling in his blood. When he and Lucy witness the torture of a customs' officer, he makes a decision that changes the futures of them all.

£0.99 or $1.50 (or equivalent in other Amazon territories) until late on 
Wednesday 16th July.

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