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Author Interview: Renée Paule: On The Other Hand

Renée Paule is a lover of all things philosophical; especially if they’ve been independently thought out, rather than acquired by education. She currently lives in the French countryside and spends her time writing. Renée is in the process of writing her second book … and has a third one in the embryonic stage.  

My Real Name
My real name is Renée-Paule, but it’s my first name. I decided to use my first name for a pen name and omit my surname.

Please share some of the best memories of your childhood
Ha ha … that’s a good one and really tough for me. I’d really like to say that the sun shone, the sky was always blue and I was very happy; but nothing would be further from the truth. Most of my childhood is a blur due to amnesia.

About your education
I was fortunate enough to have discovered the wonders of truancy. However, circumstances led me to study English Literature when I was in my early forties and a whole new world opened up giving me the courage to write and find my true purpose.

What career did you plan during your education days?
I rather fancied becoming an air hostess, probably because I’d get to fly and see the world from up above. I’m rather glad I didn’t follow through with that idea because I don’t like airports too much.

What languages you can speak and write?
English. I speak and read French ... imperfectly, but well enough.

What is your biggest source of inspiration in life?
The answer to this has to be ‘experience’. Experience has taught me that I can do so much when I give it my full attention. It’s also taught me that when I fall and get up again, I become stronger.

What hurts you most in this world?
Nothing at all. I see the world as an illusion and as an illusion it cannot hurt us unless we believe it can. In the ‘Now’ there is no pain. I still slip at times but as mentioned above, when I get up again … I’m stronger.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced? How did you overcome it?
For many years I believed I was meant to write a book and tried long and hard to bring my autobiography to fruition. Eventually, I questioned whether the world needed another sad story and realised I was writing the wrong book. This realisation left a void; I didn’t know what book to write. It also left me questioning why there are so many sad stories in the world. The questions just kept on coming and decades later, I formed them into an anthology. To motivate myself, I designed my book cover and printed it out. I wrapped it around another book so it would look as though it was already published – replete with barcode. Once I saw the ‘book’ on my desk, it became easy to write and I worked on it non-stop; even in my dreams. Nothing else mattered.

What is your favorite genre and why?
Anything to do with the mind and Humanity. Because finding out who we really are is the only thing in this world worth striving for.

When did you start writing? What is the purpose of your writing?
I’ve been writing all my life. Last year everything became clear and ‘On The Other Hand: The Little Anthology of Big Questions’ was born. It all fell into place one day and before I knew it I’d written a couple of chapters and designed my book cover.
The purpose of my writing is to share with others what I’ve come to realise; that it’s possible to change our lives when we make up our mind to end our suffering. Realising we’re all One is key.

Which of your work has been published so far? Would you like to share a synopsis of your work?
I self-published ‘On The Other Hand’ at the end of last year. It tackles so many of the problems in our world and probably the best description of it is the blurb, which can be read here

What are your forthcoming writings?
This is very exciting for me. In progress is my second book which is called ‘Just Around The Bend: Más o Menos’. Again, this book just came into existence, without any effort on my part; I’m about half way through writing it. It’s on a similar vein to ‘On The Other Hand’ but it’s far from the same book. In many ways I’m sharing my journey but it’s a journey of my thoughts and questions about our world, rather than one about my life; a journey about the raising of my own awareness. ‘Just Around The Bend’ is not an anthology of questions though it does have some in it.

What are your future plans?
The future doesn’t exist. There is only Now. I’ll go where the flow takes me and keep writing as long as I’m drawn to do it.

What four top most things you take care of while writing a book?
Honesty, humility, grace and gratitude for the experience.

Your origin of birth.
I was born in London, England.

Your favorite time of the day?
I love all times of the day but there’s something incredible about early mornings. I’ve always been an early riser and love the songs of the birds, the wind or even the rain. I don’t mind what the weather’s like. Each day is like a new life.

Your favorite color and why?
All colours are wonderful to me. I’ve no favourites.

What is the last book you finished reading? What is the current book you are reading?
The last book I read was ‘Coming up for Air’ by George Orwell. Sitting on my coffee table waiting to be read are Anais Nin’s ‘Under a Glass Bell’, Richard Bach’s ‘Curious Lives’ and two books written by Jorge Luis Borges ‘Dreamtigers’ and ‘The Book of Imaginary Beings’. I hope soon to get around to reading them but for now writing my new book is a priority.

Your favorite food?
Anything vegetarian but it does have to be home cooked.

What three words come to your mind for each of the following –
Technology – social interaction replacement
Life – live with purpose
God – worth the effort
Humanity – we are One
Racism – foolish conditioned belief
Childhood Abuse – should not exist
Love – all that is.
Parenting – should be shared.
Old age – chance to reflect.

The last line of your autobiography would be …
I came to this earth with nothing and I’m leaving empty-handed … so it goes.

Twitter handle: @Renee_Paule

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