Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Book Review: Saga Of Wealth: Fortune: Cassia Cassitas: Story That Travels You Through Smiles and Tears

Some books make you wealthy with lifetime enrichment while the others give short term pleasure. While in former case - the impression gets embossed on your heart and mind - and stays alive in your subconscious mind. In latter case it is - pleasure gone, story gone and author forgotten. Books are in fact very similar to the people that we meet in life. Saga Of Wealth: Fortune by Cassia Cassitas that deserves a permanent place in everyone's personal library. 

Whether you read Saga of Wealth by Cassia Cassitas for the first time or are reading it again - the interest would be intact, story would be more meaningful, probably giving a different view every time. The book has a depth to fill the intellect vacuum in one's mind and irrespective of number of pages it contains - its size goes larger than life.

Saga of Wealth is an historical fiction and is about the one of the biggest financial crisis that spread worldwide during 2008 and impacted almost everyone. It is about conflict - an individual's conflict with his inner self - conflict between one's mind and heart - conflict between idealism and reality - conflict between theory and practical of life - conflict between truth and wisdom - conflict between beginning of a tunnel and end of a tunnel...

Cassia has a marvelous style of writing that keeps reader engaged with the story with an emotional connect with the characters. The story of Saga of Wealth is about Ricardo and his wife Carolina. There is a deep relationship between the two huge crisis that occurred during 1927-28 and 2007-08 and Ricardo's and Carolina's ancestral families from the earlier crisis and the current generation of Ricardo and Carolina. Ricardo is a successful financial consultant in a financial consulting firm in the United States. His path breaking vision in financial matters for his clients and firm are well admired and acknowledged by his superiors. But all of a sudden a strong conflict starts within Ricardo. The conflict goes so strong (due to the upcoming crisis and its resemblance with the earlier one in terms of severity) that it starts impacting Ricardo's professional and personal life.

Saga of Wealth is excellent in terms of plot, story and presentation. Ricardo, who was a hero and star for everyone in the office, becomes soar in the eye for peers, management and customers. Ricardo, at this juncture onward passes through a serious phase of his life - losing his job, getting severely demotivated and depressed; thereby impacting his relationship with Carolina, who was about to give birth to their child.

Carolina never lost her faith and hope even during worst phases of her life while Ricardo had started treating himself completely worthless and thus went into a deep shell. Read this beautiful story to see, who finally wins. You will pass through various phases while reading this book - Saga of Wealth by Cassia Cassitas - smile, laughter, tears...

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